The thief

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I was just reading the bible in the crucifixion part and I thought, how is it that before you enter paradise you must be baptised, but when the thief just repented Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise.


  • what is baptism? its the death and ressurection with christ.... so the theif did exactly that... and for the martyrs that were not baptized, they were baptised in their own blood...
  • hey,
    The term baptism means dying with Christ and rising again with Christ, as far as the right theif, he did just that.
  • that question is really good i never thought about the right thife! but good answer guys that clears it all up!

  • but wouldnt that mean that if your baptised and then like everyone said die and rise again, wouldnt that mean u couldnt do that, cause it would mean ur getting baptised twice...srry for confusing everyone, i confused myself
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