women are unclean?



  • of the house that is
  • doesnt it just say that the man is the head of the woman
  • random comment from a movie
    the man is the head and the women is the neck
    she could turn the head whichever way she wants
  • lol nice comment Coptic Angel

    the Bible says the man is the head of the woman, just as Jesus is the head of the church. the man should have love and respect for the woman as Jesus does for the Church (He lay down His life for the church..).
    it also says to the women to submit to their husbands, and husbands submit to their wives...
    salvation of this world came through a woman - St. Mary who bore for us our Lord.

    in light of the topic, a funny quote i'm sure you all heard: "behind every successful man is a woman"

    as long as we are all God's children, and He eternally loves us, it doesnt matter if you're male or female :)

    take care and God bless
  • i think what awad ment to say was that back then men thought that women didnt really do anything useful...i dont agree i am just rying to clarify, maybe they did think that i am not sure i didnt live back then..but if i am wrong about what awad ment i am sure he or she will clarify for u!

  • hi guys actually i meant nothing bad about women as a matter a fact until al little bit before i made the first post i did not know they were not allowed in the altar tahts why i asked this question I in no way meant that women were superior or inferior to men because as we all know we are all equal in gods eyes


    P.S i havent had tye to post lately but i did get a chance to see the post before the women is the nck movie quote thing and taht was teh first thing taht popped into my head
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