psalm commentary

while praying from the agpeya i really enjoy the psalms. but somethimes they are difficult to understand. so are there commentaries of the psalms availble?


  • the orthodox study Bible is awesome.
    (i may have mentioned this before once or twice...)
  • I have the orthodox study bible. But i am searching for something more extensive
  • St. Augustine and St. Gregory of Nyssa have both written extensive commentaries on specific psalms, as have other early church fathers, so I'd suggest looking there. 
  • Something a bit more mobile is the app Catena! It’s a Bible annotated with patristic quotes. Just make sure to stick to the Orthodox fathers and you’ll be good :)
  • St. Augustine's commentary: 

    Fr. Tadros Malaty: 

    St. Jerome and St. John Chrysostom have also commentated, but I think you'll need to purchase those books. 
  • a friend of mine told me today the orthodox study Bible was too superficial.
    she has all the commentaries of abouna tadros.

    i am still on the orthodox study Bible.
    i have only skim read 2 or 3 commentaries by abouna tadros.
    i am clearly still a newbie, i hope to catch up with you all soon!
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