are they bad or good?

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i don't know but i'm not really sure how to treat muslims good or bad i've heard many horrible things they've done to christaind in egypt but i don't know how to respond to it


  • I don’t think bad or good are suitable words to describe them. Sad would be my choice. Some of them mean well, and are god fearing people who are just on a search to seek the truth. Alas, they are headed in the wrong direction. Others are vulgar and utterly despicable, but what can you expect when you follow a religion that supports such actions. Just remember, hate the sin, not the sinner.
  • Yeah, my abouna always says something like that on muslims and topics like that. He says "I don't hate them, I hate what they're doing"
  • whenever we want to know somthing, we should look to the bible for help.

    our Lord tells us in Matthew:
    "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." - Matt 5:44
    its clear how we should treat others, those we like and dont like...
    and as many have mentioned before, its what they're doing that we dont approve... not them as human beings.... because we are all God's children

    take care and God Bless
  • Well the Pope prays for the muslims so...They may do bad things to us but as CrazyCopt said, we have to forgive them or we're no Christains ourselves..
  • we should also keep in mind that these muslims can repent at any moment and some muslims have a good heart, there are many stories of muslims who converted. So to say they are our emimies is not our place, we shouldnt even comdemn them in the first place caus we arent God.

    Theyre beliefs are wrong, and the majority of them are bad but even if theres one person whos good, we should not give up . ;D
  • but how shoulds we treat them is it wrong to be friends with them if they don't bring you closer to God(apparantally they don't cuz of there religion)
    does are religion prevent us from being friend with non christains?
  • Our religon is based on the words "God is Love". When he came down on earth he died for everyone not just christians and we have to remember that. Also as crazycopt said we are supposed to love our enemies. Theres nothing rong with a muslim as a friend. The thing is though you have to make sure ure faith is strong enough to over power his or hers. Friends have a great impact on each other and if your muslim friend might change you, why take the chance? That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to them, it just means don't get too close to the point where you've changed. Just keep your faith strong and be knowledgable about your religon so you can change your friend instead of them changing you.

    God bless everyone and guide them through the narrow road...
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