LYRICS: "O What A Great Redemption"

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Hey All!

Happy almost Great Lent Fast to you all!

Anyone know where i can get the lyrics to the song "O What A Great Redemption"?

Or anyone have the lyrics and would like to post it?

i would greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks ;D

take care and God bless


  • 1-O what a great redemption
    Not a prophet nor an angel
    No man nor great dignitary
    To save your flock was worthy
    You walked the salvation path
    Asking for this cup to pass
    No one could take this chalice
    But Jesus of the tribe of Judah

    2-You went to pray at Gethsamene
    Where your friends left You in agony
    Said "your farewell made me cry
    your laziness left me wondering why
    Why arent you wake my brothers
    tonight even for a mere hour
    I will leave you with no friends
    And will now go to be crucified

    3- They crowned you with many thorns
    And the blood flowed from Your wounds
    Your eyes looked up to heaven
    Your tortured body was drained
    I bid farwell to this earth
    On it there will be a curse
    I tried to gather your children
    You disobeyed resting heaven

    4- Your back withstood all the pain
    All thirty-nine lashes in vain
    You accepted them and remained
    Quiet, peaceful with no say
    With a spear Your side they pierced
    And Your hands nailed with no fear
    Your blood screaming out loud saying
    Please forgive them Almighty

    5- Your dear head leaned to the side
    Your soul with the sunset went high
    The girls in Jerusalem mourned
    They cried their hearts were broken
    The bright moon then darkened
    And the daring sun faded
    On the cross my Lord was nailed
    Jesus my Lord will not leave

    6- The fog and the clouds rolled heavily
    Over Your head, Your majesty
    Embracing You with love that dissapeared
    From the heart of humanity
    Even the massive rocks split
    The oceans in sadness wept
    And David in his psalm praised
    Your throne is to the end of time

    7- Glory to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit
    Your humanity and divinity
    Will bring You back Almighty
    All this was done just for me
    A selfish, slave unworthy
    I'll never sin again If I keep
    The crucified Lord before me


    i've been looking for the lyrics everywhere, but couldnt find it! yaaaaaaay!

    Could i ask, if you have song saved on your computer? i'm trying to save the song, but i cant seem to do that- all i can do is play it on the internet...

    thanks again!!!

    take care and God bless
  • u r welcome...:)
    actually i dont have the website that has it
    i found the lyrics in spirutual songs book that i have
  • yeah i can only listen to it when i'm connected to the internet...

    you typed it up for me? that's so nice! lol, thanks alot ;D

    you're awesome!

    haha ok it's taking me a while to type this post- and i was telling a friend about this song, and he told me its in the church's spiritual songs book too... lol... now i feel bad for wasting your time lol, but thats though! its greatly appreciated!

    take care and God bless you!!
  • its ok no problem.....:)

    ya if u r using at your churh this book "O sing to the Lord a New Song" St. Mark coptic orthodox church, washington dc, its really good, it has a lot of songs, check it out. :)

    God bless u
  • Does anyone know where I can get a recording/audio file for this? I heard it maybe 10+ years ago from a CD my sister had but never heard it since nor can I find it on the internet/YouTube?

    Please help <3
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