Project Request - Open Source Lectionary

Peace and grace,

Currently, I do not think there is an open source resource for the Standard Sundays (Annual) Lectionary (or for that matter, any lectionary at all). 

There are various links and resources that are available for one to see the readings of the church but I have not been able to come across any lectionary similar to the one on or SUSCopts that provides the lectionary readings automatically based on the day (server side - php)

I was hoping I would shoot out a message to my fellow brothers and sisters who are talented in this area and may have the time and the technical ability to create something like this.

There is a cool electron app that I can include, that would be cool if we created something like it.

Don't really have much more to add. Was hoping that maybe someone would see this and decide to work on it. 

God bless 
Your brother in Christ


  • +1 the idea- an offline version of the annual Sunday Katameros sounds INCREDIBLY useful! I'm a budding computer programmer (Java) so if I can help in any way let me know :)
  • So here is my problem with this: it;s not about the code or application or the API's about the text. ALL apps currently have different texts and translation. As long as the texts continue to be different and the Dioceses and churches, atleast outside Egypt, not agree on text, whatever you do is not of much value. I have 3 separate friends who have written code for the katameros and it would be easy to take that and provide an API. But again, the problem is the content and not the app showing it. 
  • Most churches follow one of the 3 Texts:
    -St George & St Shenouda
    -Printed Katameros

    ***CopticReader’s translations are the newest and most updated, but they sometimes remove important words from the original Coptic text.
    This sometimes changes meanings, but we all follow it because it’s the most neat and organized, “All-in-one” app...

    When I personally witness mistakes, I correct them and send them off to the App-committee or His Grace Bishop Youssef.
  • Peace Mina, I see your point. Still, I do think that there would be some benefit to having a lectionary with some API's that others can tap into despite the different texts and translations.

    I would imagine that were there to be some sort of open source version that others can use, it would help in its dissemination, at least for others who would want to build and use it. 

    Don't know much about it. Just a thought. 
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    Being a person who does most of his service in liturgical texts, I can say for sure that it is NOT OK to have different texts and translations out there just for the heck of it. It's detrimental and not beneficial at all for the current time and the future in a world were there is no diocese lines or limits. People in the states, and i would say in Europe too, move between dioceses within hours and the inability to not pray in another church because the text or tunes are different is very problematic. 
  • Hey all,

    I thought of this very thing and implemented a json solution.

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    Thank you. Wonderfully done. This will become useful in an upcoming project. 
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