Priests pictured holding a bishop's staff??

The pictures are either old or they picture an old priest. Some priests have a "mini" staff, others are pictured with a normal sized staff. I was wondering if anyone knew why the priests pictured are holding a bishop's staff. I also want to know the history behind a priest holding a staff (if there is any).


  • it's not really a bishops staff, it's just a leading/shepherding staff. and many old priests/hegumens had them. they even had a similar "3emma" to bishops. how far are we talking?!....i am not really sure, but i have a picture of an old priest with this. 
  • I know this is late, but I'd love to see these pictures @minatasgeel :)\
  • I don't think i can get access to it now. sorry
  • The second photo is actually of HG Bishop Daniel of Khartoum in Sudan. 3emma looks a bit different to way how it is now.
  • I knew it was Him!
  • The emma is different because he wasn’t ordained a bishop yet. He was still a priest. If he was a bishop at the time this picture was taken, he’d be sitting in the center of the group.
  • Not necessarily...
  • What do you meant “not necessarily.” I’m telling you a fact.
  • Just because He did not sit in the middle does not necessarily mean that he’s not a Bishop lol.
    That’s just an assumption you’re making...
  • If a Bishop only prays Liturgy with his Tunic and Hood, does that mean he is not a Bishop? No.
  • Jojo, you’re starting to annoy and you’re conflating things that have no bearing on one another. Standard protocol for pictures like this is that the highest ranking cleric sits in the center. This is not debatable, especially since the people in the photograph are posing. If this was a candid picture there would be room for your argument. Also, he’s wearing a priest turban which is distinctly different from a bishop’s turban. Full stop. Stop arguing nonsense.
  • There is no such thing as a “protocol”..
    1) If something specific is repeated over and over again that may be out of respect and not since it’s a “protocol”?..
    2) People are not posing as you say. There are a few men on their knees at the bottom in a quite awkward position, which indicates that the picture was not quite planned for.. What also proves that, is the fact that some men are not even looking at the camera or anywhere towards that area, in fact.
    3) I never said that he was not a Bishop because of his hat, I was answering in regards to the quite stupid argument that you brought up about “sitting in the middle”. That was quite frankly one of the most abnormal or made-up explanations I have ever seen on lol
    4) If according to you “the highest ranking cleric sits in the center” then who is the figure in the middle? Why are they sitting in the middle unless they’re of a higher rank, but wait they’re wearing the same headwear, so it does not explain who is higher rank wise. What does explain who is higher rank wise is the fact that one person is holding a staff. It’s a well-known rule that a Bishop is not to hold his staff if he is out of his diocese, the same way a Priest may not hold his hand Cross in the presence of a higher rank (usually Bishop)... The fact that he is holding a staff shows that he is of a higher rank, probably an Episcopal one since @Minatasgeel said that Priest hats were close to Bishop ones, which strongly implies that he was not a Priest, but a Bishop.
    Seems that you were not aware of or had no knowledge of these rules, yet you were still speaking and also had the arrogance to call me annoying and assume that what I was saying was baloney, although I was speaking with facts and not just from my mind (like others were).

    What gives you the right to end a discussion by saying things like “you’re conflating things that have no bearing on one another”, or “this is not debatable”, or “full stop”, or stop arguing”, or “nonsense” ?

    You speak ignorantly because you do not know how many pictures I have of the departed Bishop Daniel of Sudan, since I’m extremely close with his immediate niece and his niece’s daughter...

    @Minatasgeel literally started out by saying that there used to be headwear worn by Priest that was very similar to that of Bishops... If you actually read that you wouldn’t have continued to say stuff like “The emma is different because he wasn’t ordained a bishop yet. He was still a priest.”

    If I don’t know something I don’t speak, but when I do - I don’t let “nonsense” (like you previously accused me for) spread around...

    If someone was defending the doctrine, Tradition, Rites or even Heritage of the Church but did not have love in his way of speech then they are not on the right path. These are not my own words, but the words of the the Gospel Itself, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal." (1 Corinthians 13:1)

    Please, speak in a respectful way so that anybody who has a question can find its answer since that is what you are expected to consider, if that is of course what you do actually consider.

    God Bless.
    Your brother in Christ.
  • Jojo, your responses are the epitome of idiocy.
  • God Bless you, Brother.
    I pray you have a clear conscience when you partake of the Holy Mysteries today knowing that not only have you insulted me many times which is not important because I am not any better than my Lord Christ who was insulted and beaten for my sake, but that you have also called the canons and guidelines of your own Church “the epitome of idiocy”.
    Your name has two of the greatest saints of whom your words resemble none.
    Saint George was a meek young man as we say in the hymn and Saint Anthony was of extreme humility, because if he wasn’t Monasticism wouldn’t have reached us here and now today.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.”

    (I will not write the name of the Righteous that said this quote, since you might start insulting our Saints next)
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    Jojo, you’re making my point for me. Where did I insult Church canons and guidelines? All I said was that the picture of Anba Danial is before he became a bishop. My evidence was that he’s not seated in the center of the picture that they posed for. Just because some folks on the fringes of the frame weren’t ready, doesn’t mean everyone else wasn’t posing. Why else would a large group of people face one direction while some are seated? And if there isn’t a high ranking cleric, it doesn’t matter who’s in the middle. That whole row is just a bunch of priests. And right next to the future Anba Danial is the monk-priest who would become Anba Youanis of Gharbeya. Not so much of a historian now huh? Also, notice that I never disputed Anba Danial’s identity. My second piece of evidence was the distinctly priestly emma. The turban of a bishop and priest were similar in that they were made of the same material. Nowadays, priest turbans are made out of felt, a bishop’s turban is still made out of ribbons. The distinguishing feature between a bishop’s turban and a priest’s turban is that a priest’s headwear has a bulge in the middle that isn’t found on a bishop’s turban. If you look at the turbans of bishops at this time, you’ll see that they look nothing like the ones worn in the picture above. And so I called you an idiot for just ignoring what I said and digging your heals in. I have no clue why you started quoting scripture and desert father sayings over all this. And talk about posturing. You’re acting offended while you’re also using verses and sayings to throw back insults. You’ve basically stooped down to my level (because it’s apparent that you think I’m beneath you). Keep your piety to yourself. Peace out Jojo.

    p.s. I know that St Antony said “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.”

    Now go feel morally superior elsewhere
  • Praying for you, Brother.
  • More condescension
  • I have a question: I heard a LOOOOOONG time ago that Anba David has a piece of the true cross embedded in his staff. Is that true ?
  • @atadros
    I wouldn’t be shocked if he did! Anba David always has all sorts of cool things :)>-
  • Anba David was gifted a cross to wear on the day of his enthronement that has a piece of the Lord's Cross in it. If i am not mistaking, i think it was Heg. Fr. Mousa Elgohari, a great father in the Boston area, who gifted it to His grace.
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