Commemoration of the Saints

In the commemoration of the Saints in tasbeha its says "Intercede on our behalf O the 144,000, and the Celibate Evangelist, that he may forgive us our sins. I believe that the Celibate Evangelist refers to St. John the Evangelist, but I was under the impression that we only ask for the intercessions of St. Mary, St.John the Baptist, the archangels, and a select other few. Is it a mistake in the translation or am I misinterpreting who the Celibate Evangelist is?


  • The mention of the 144000 is only done by St. John in Revelations. So it make sense that whoever added that part, also added the person who told it about the 144000. 
  • Which Tasbeha? Matins or Vespers?
  • @ItalianCoptic
    The commemoration of the Saints is only prayed during Midnight Praises.
    So none of the above.
  • Thanks, @Jojo_Hanna. It's hard sometimes to differentiate, "Tasbeha." I've noticed it's a rather broad colloquial term used interchangeably.
  • this is true, when used in the correct arabic sense. also we do have a special tasbeha (praises) for evening prayers.
    i prefer to call it evening prayers rather than translate arabic into latin (unless in a latin language country, i hope u don't mind). so yr question makes sense 2 me
  • @ItalianCoptic

    Vesper Praises (Tasbehet 3asheya)
    Vespers Raising of Incense (Raf3 Bokhour 3asheya)
    Midnight Praises (Tasbehet Nesf el-leil)
    Matin Praises (Tasbehet Baker)
    Matin Raising of Incense (Raf3 Bokhour Baker)
  • I hope that helps clear up things a little...
  • :-) i love them all!
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