Marriage between Melkite (Eastern Catholic) and Coptic

My partner is a Melkite Greek Catholic and I’m Coptic. There seems to be very little differences in our faiths from the discussions we’ve had and the research we’ve done. If we wanted to get married:

Does she have to convert? And if so, what is required for this and will she be able to partake in sacraments in her Melkite church?

Are we permitted to get married in the Melkite church?

Would appreciate any answers/help anyone can provide. Thank you =)


  • She will have to convert to the Coptic church.

    Melkite's are similar to Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, but they are under Rome. You cannot take both Roman and Coptic communion, so she won't be able to commune at her church form our side. As for the marriage you'd probably have to have your Abouna consult your bishop.

    If she converts to the Coptic church, she'll probably just need to need to be anointed with oil and not require a re-baptism.

    Although we are similar, you can't interchange from church to church. I see it a lot between Catholics and Orthodox and it makes a lot more problems than solutions. I definitely would consult both of your families and both family Priests. Good luck!
  • Thanks for your answer ItalianCoptic. So is the only reason she would not be able to have communion at her church is because they under the Roman church? They have the exact same belief as us for the Eucharist in that it is the actual body and blood of Christ. In your experience, is there any possibility of a Coptic priest allowing this?

    Also, would it be possible for her to attend her Melkite church without taking communion?
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    Rome allowed a number of Byzantine churches to keep traditions, i.e. baptism, communion, fasting, etc. -- when they took control of some Byzantine rite churches, such as, the Melkite.
    They follow some Roman guidelines and 4 ecumenical councils we do not follow, which are somewhat subtle dogmatic differences. Others can explain much better than I can.

    I was Roman Catholic and converted when Pope Shenouda was Patriarch. I had to be completely re baptized and Chrismated. I believe your fiance would only require Chrismation. She can attend Liturgy at her church, but she couldn't take communion because we aren't in communion with any non-Oriental Orthodox churches. Other than, in dire circumstances that require approval from Bishops or other Patriarchs.

    We believe that their Eucharist is valid, but that doesn't necessarily equate to being able to commune at both.

    We had a Monk who allowed someone to take both Catholic and Coptic communion. But, she now only takes communion from us. There was a gentleman my Abouna wanted to convert who was a strong Catholic. He wouldn't allow him to just be Chrismated and take both.

    Catholics changed some rules to make the Catholic Eucharist open to other denominations, but I don't think that applies to Melkite's. So, to just answer your question without blabbing on... Because they're under Rome, yes.

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    First thing to say, if you are serious about this relationship, you must speak directly to your father of confession or whichever priest he would refer you to about this matter. This is so because, despite how much info we give here, each case is different.

    Second, despite having the same faith between to churches, they don’t always have to be in communion. That’s why there is no communion between Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox, despite declaration of unity in faith.

    Third, I know that the Roman Catholic Church welcomes any other denomination of receive the sacraments. But that doesn’t mean that denomination does the same. Also, just saying Melkite doesn’t mean they are Roman Catholic. There are many jurisdictions that is under the Roman Catholic Church, while not being government why all its rites and dogma.
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