Proposing in church

Super random but what do y’all think about men asking women to marry them in church? I know that the wedding is in church and all that good stuff about marriage being a holy sacrament where two become one flesh. But isn’t it tacky to propose in church? Idk, this is super trivial but what are your thoughts?


  • Hi,

    So what is 'tacky' or not is not too subjective. I personally don't get the whole idea of a proposal considering that it's mainly for show...or atleast recently and from people that I know. Almost every proposal I have been part of, the girl knew about it and in mainly cases, organized the whole thing. But I am also seen the few propose in a very intimate and non-'showy' way (like sitting somewhere alone and "would you marry me" was the puzzle that both were solving).

    So, in my opinion, it really depends on what satisfies the couple. 
  • ‘Tacky’ is indeed subjective. And doesn’t the girl planning the proposal defeat the whole purpose?
  • @Girgisantony...exactly my point...but sadly, that's what has become of it...while the exception are the guys that really really try to surprise the girl.
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