Long hair priests

Plenty, although not all, Eastern Orthodox priests have long hair. Can our Oriental Orthodox priests have long hair like the Eastern Orthodox priests? A friend of mine told me that a Coptic priest told him they could. I was wondering if someone could verify.


  • yes, some monks have long hair.

    but you won't see it as they wear the kolonsowa (monastic head cover - I don't know the name in english).

    so if you want a priestly hair fashion show, don't hold your breath...


  • I know that some monks grow their hair. My question was specifically about local parish priests. And while I understand that you’re joking, I’m not interested in just aesthetics.
  • i don't know, i am a lady and so i am too shy to ask monks about their hair...
  • I've really only seen long hair in the Eastern Orthodox on monastics.
  • Coptic Priests are supposed to be subject to the same rules as Nazarenes of the Old Testament (like Samson), and that includes no cutting of any hair.
    Nowadays, the issues that arise with never ever cutting your hair are numerous, so most Coptic priests opt to cut their hair in a modest and short fashion. Most priests also let their beards grow, only trimming them for cleanup or hygienic purposes (one local priest told the story of how he got ticks in his beard on a trip to Africa and had to shave to get them out :)) )
    TLDR- Coptic priests can have long hair but it often causes too many problems so they cut/trim it.
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