The relevance of chastity?

So I was pondering monasticism the other day and one of the three vows is celibacy. This made me wonder about the concept of chastity as a virtue in general. My question is, why does God, the creator of the universe, care if someone has premarital sex or engages in any sexual act outside the context of marriage (given that it’s all consensual)?


  • The Holy Spirit also would not be consensual.
    Trying to obtain a pure heart and being blameless of sin through Christ raises the emotions to the spiritual emotions and monks would be more prepared than us whom sin being subject to the outside world. May those in the monestrey pray for our weak selves.
    Yes God cares. He is the creator and we are the separated. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. The love sacrifice is one that goes to the heart and those who chose to have pre-marital sex in most cases have not thought deeply enough about commitment. Those whom are committed are serious about what they do. Their lives have a spiritual goal.
    In John 14: 15 Jesus says "If you love Me keep My commandments."
    Try to keep His commandments.
  • yeah, who cares how many ppl sleep with yr sister, no big deal, eh?
  • I’m not advocating for sexual promiscuity. I’m simply asking why does God command us to abstain from sexual promiscuity. I appreciate both of your efforts so far but neither of you have answered the question.
  • When I was young I was very theosopical because I sort truth. I guess I still am. But as a Christian and be lived God created man and the universe, then you know He gave life to the human.
    If He gave life to the human wouldn't it be reasonably to think He would love what He created? God is love God is Spirit. Wouldn't that make Him the authority? If we believe the He wants good and as authority means the power to make decisions and within that the word author which is a writer of word. And if God who is one who understands the truth of the human soul and seeks it's return to Himself, and we understood that by what He teaches us, would we be disobedient to His commandments?
    The quote above says if we love Jesus then we would obey His commandments.
    I was in the position of pressure marital sex before Christ found me and the Holy Spirit brought me to the church. I was lost in my soul meaning I didn't understand the depth of love required for true unity. It was always there but needed Christ to reveal what had been immature and insecure. It can become a weakness because there can be no change or growth for the soul in finding true unity.
    I'm married now with childen and it has not being easy but we get stronger and futher removed from the weak former selfs.
    We put Christ into our lives and He teaches us life for He is the life and we can in what we do would Christ do what I'm doing? Even marriage for the church is Christ's bride. We can't go to His level but because we are fallen. But we can strive just like the saints and monks.
    The way you see things can not always be the truth of what they are. The world sees things differently and bend it to their own thinking.
    The pharisees said Jesus cast out demons by beelzebab. Or in what I see as the saints when I look at an icon as an image of someone whom has strived to live in Christ as idols. No We are made in God's image therefore they are sanctified to obtain their image in Christ.
    Or even jealousy, in that for the human it is the fear of not being perfect and so it brings about a feeling of unfairness. But God is perfect so how can He be a jealous God? It is because He is the Pantocrater the creator and it makes sense that He owns what He created. And that He restores and seeks back what is His.
    The point I'm making is that when we live a life without God we live a life without the eternal truth of our souls. Our wills are weak and make weak choices. God's love is His will for us.

    I was going to post this before so ill leave it in. Chastity is relavient, especially in today's world where so many are far from God.
    The state of a lot of people is insecurity, fear and a loss of personality, of who they truely are. There is a loss of the image of God in man by sin, what was created to be good.
    Chastity is a way to bring us back to the image and Christ is our teacher.
    When we take His body and unite it with ours, I listen to the words "Do this in remembrance of Me." We take His body and in doing so take His image. When we sin we forget almost immediately His image and put forth one that is full of fault.
    We may of heard the term love is eternal. God's love is eternal as it is pure. The striving is unity with this eternal love and purity. The striving is eternal work of the heart that the Holy Spirit dwells when we live in obedience.
    It is important what image all of us give to others. The image needs to be the same on the outside as it in inside.
  • Like all things, sexual relation can be both good and bad. Anything used to fulfill selfish desires, in the end, is selfish and poses a certain level of lack of love.

    Pre-Marital relations is precisely that, it overlooks the beauty of the relation. In the sacrament of marriage, the couple is united and called to perfect their union spiritually, emotionally and physically. That which “God has joined together let no man separate”. It is God’s work to unite us and not ours. In marriage, he blesses our physical union as he called us to unity. Outside of marriage, where is the call for unity but purely selfish desire? Maybe with this train of thought, it might clarify the reason behind the sinfulness/separation from God in the act of pre-marital relations.
  • sorry, i understood 'why does God care' to mean 'what is the big deal'.
    these answers are good.
    sex was created as a beautiful way to seal a life long relationship which should be a picture of the relationship between God and His church.
    so it should always glorify if God
  • sorry, auto correct error, i mean glorify God
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