Communion with British Orthodox Church

Are we still in communion with the British Orthodox Church? Are they in communion with any other orthodox church? If no, why?


  • I know they returned to their pre-1994 status but I don't know what that means.
  • It means they divorced themselves from the Orthodox Church. They are no longer Orthodox or really a “church”. They are vagantes, and many of those who were in the British Orthodox left and joined either EO or Coptic churches. Very few men are left.

    The reason they left is because they do not want to do things “decently and in order”, and wanted to continue in vagante practices. Seraphim simply likes to play Bishop, not take his role seriously.
  • What do you mean when you say "Seraphim simply likes to play Bishop, not take his role seriously."
  • He never took the Orthodox faith seriously. He enjoys role play as any other vagante bishop in the world.
  • Bro if you're gonna come this far and close to giving some details, go for it. Any guy with a laptop can assume what you're saying. Do you have specifics? Are you gonna hit us with them?

  • No, no specifics. Just that.
  • Facts. Lets kill the discussion. Ain't nobody here attending that church anyways with the newly enthroned Bishop Angelos down the road :)

    Mans not hot,

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