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Hey everybody,
I think it would be a great idea if we could manage to do our homework while we're on tasbeha.org so I decided to make a thread where we can complain about school (jk) and ask questions that we're having trouble with, so that way, we won't procrastinate with our homework. And maybe we can make a rule that every time this thread is in one of the recent eight threads (what I mean is that it's on the home page) then we have to do at least twenty minutes of school work. How does that sound? Crazy? Oh, and another thing, if anyone has tricks to make homework go by faster or to make it more fun, we could share that here. I wouldn't call it a trick, but I've heard that reading the Bible before you do your homework helps, even though reading the Bible any time helps....

But enough of me talking..... ;)


  • actually, i just started reading the bible before doing hw, and i must say it does help. i also try to read it before school but that does look to well :-\ :-X
  • i was just wondering; am i the only one who does everything last minute; like having a test the next day and start studying at 10 o clock ::) lol, anyone else having this "hard to get start problem"?
  • Ooo, oooo, pick me, I know! Yeah, I have that problem too, and this year, I'm doing good with breaking out of the habit.
  • wow, how u do that, i should start getting rid of this habit as well; i'm in my final year :-X
  • Do the easy stuff first. Because I've noticed that if I want to do the hard things first, I either keep on putting it off, or I look at it and get overwhelmed, then put it off, and then I still have the other things to do. So I just take the easy things first. And when you get to the hard things, when you're really bored, try to get energized. THen when you get back to it, your brain is refreshed and you can concentrate. :D
  • [quote author=Hos irof link=board=6;threadid=628;start=0#msg11467 date=1095112733]
    like having a test the next day and start studying at 10 o clock ::)
    actually, I personally like to study like late at night ( 10 or 11 or something) cuz then it keeps the info fresh in my mind, but maybe that's just me.
  • i usually do that too, but its not a good idea cuz i always end up fallin asleep especailly wen studyin history lol....but im tryin to break out of the habit :-\
  • Actually, our math teacher tells us over and over and over that if we study at the last minute, it'll go into short term memory, so when we want to remember it later on, we have to study it again. :-\.......
  • I didnt mean last minute, I meant like review/ study everything at night, it helps me remember better, and mr. perrito doesnt know anything ;)
  • i have [glow=red,2,300]3[/glow] exams today ;D
    im at shcool at the moment but.....i gtg ;)
    GBU ;)

    ps. is this thread made esp. for G.J.I, coz all he does is complain about exams....lol ;D
  • i use the method of last minute review for finals and it works. but i try not to do it for regular stuff, but it cant always be helped, i sometimes just get tooo much hw
  • hello
    yep i cant start my h/w its too hard just to get started
    and the only way is after everyone is asleepo at home thats wen i realize its sooo much easier to study wen its ded quiete and i also realizse theres nufin else to do except h/w and goin 2 sleep

    hey good news everyone
    heres a somthing that happened at skool todai

    ok i was in history (i go to a catholic skool) and we had a task consisting of 10 questions to do on tha net and i felt it was kinda hard so i decided to get on tasbeha.org and coptichymns.net to check out my pms and then i spent mi time here till there was onli 10 mins to finish the task... then i closed tasbeha and coptichymns and decided to start mi work ..i started wid question 7 coz it was the easiest .......then the teacher came around checkin our work ..so she gets to me and goes ' wow thats excellent sherry ur on numba 7 alredy keep it up' to the whole class....i was expecting to get into troble but it turned out well and the hole class was up to question 4 or 5 ....lol it was so funny to miself coz noone new that i never done the work properly
    ok thanks and
    GBU all
  • Lol, I find that soo funny!

    Aripsalin, lol, yeah, just for GJI', jk. ;)
  • lol LHM
    just for G.J.I!!!
    i have one exam today :)
    im not complaining...like sum ppl!!
    im happy ;D

    EsHtA ;)
  • thanx LHM coz thats rare to happen and i find it hilarious
    ...bak 2 tha topic now...
  • evry1 just loves talkin about me on this site dont they ;D
  • Lol, yup, I guess we do :D jk. But really, everyone please pray for me, look what you got me in the habit of doing GJI! Jk, but I do have an exam next week, and I just need your prayers.
  • also pray plz that these hurricanes end ...because for once..i actually miss college :o..weve had 18 days off so far..im so bored...im going to die soon from boredom if i dont study somethin!
  • lol, i never heard anyone complain about gettings days of from school, why dont you come over here and help me with my homework ;D
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=6;threadid=628;start=15#msg11611 date=1095291181]
    evry1 just loves talkin about me on this site dont they ;D

    oh ur that good arnt u? ::) ::)
    we onli talk bout ya and say....ummmm.....stuff that aint cool....
    like teasing ya kinda thing, and ur prod of it!!!

    ur a weirdoooooo :P
  • [quote author=Hos irof link=board=6;threadid=628;start=15#msg11706 date=1095428125]
    why dont you come over here and help me with my homework ;D

    i dont mind trust me!
    ( as long as its not history..anything but that!)
  • no dont worry; its maths and physics and much much more ;)
  • math and physics, those r easy, lol
  • math is easy for me, i dunno bout physics, im not even in biology, im not even in high school :o
  • in my school we take biology 7th grade, and physics 8th grade
  • someone mentioned that reading the bible helps.I find that just asking god to help you understand what you cant understand helps, because he helps to make the soulouting just jump out of the page which then alows for faster homework completio! so yeah thats my little bit of advice. :) (istudy last minut too it just happens that way)

  • i study last minute.... not too good. and i mean LAST minute!! (start work at like 12am, up till 3am or so......very very very bad, but i'm a night person! lol)
    i'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but here's what i heard:

    studies show that the best time to learn somthing is when a person is going to sleep, so before bedtime. this is because, while sleeping, the brain will subconciously 'review' and 'relearn' all the information it attained while the person was wake!
    but - precaution - dont stay up too late studying (like 2am then sleeping) because that wont work well, since your brain will be tired and your body will focus more on sleep and rest than anything else.
    so....example..... if you usually sleep at like 11, study at like 9ish, get everything in your head, then sleep ontime. make sure you're well rested cuz that's the key! teens need ~9.25 hours of sleep at night, the average theen gets ~7hrs..

    my 2 cents :D

    good luck with school...

    take care and God bless!
  • christine that sounds so like you! studying late!!

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