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Hello, my name is mark and im 13 serving at St. bishoy coc, and most "teens" my age dont really try to learn new hymns,

but i want to, but with all of these new hymns coming at me grown ups dont respect becuase i dont kno as much hymns as they do or kno some of the things that wer to be done in the altar, and yes i dont kno as much as they do but i kno more than the others and im triying hard to gian that repsect

well my question is.. how can i memorize these hymns?
what can help me to become a better deacon?


  • well i am telling u now i was in ur situation but at my church( ti agia maria and st.demiana coc) thee a adult deacon who i follow every where in church he is like my spiritual guidance to become a better deacon any way stick with a person who u know and try to gain their respect or u can talk with the priest there at your church

    reply if it works

    i am 13
  • Yeah, I'm 13 too and my abouna doesn't think I know anything, even though I know more than a lot of people that are a lot older than me. My advice is if there's a hymn class at your church, then attend every week. Also, go to and, download a lot of hymns, and then take it part by part. For which ever hymns you want to learn, just listen to a small part, and then keep listening to it and say it by yourself. When you can say that part by yourself, without the recording, then move on to the next part in the hymn. Keep doing that until you learn the whole hymn. In a lot of hymns though, all you have to do is learn the first verse and the rest of the hymns just repeats.

  • Hello Deacons,

    I just wanted to raise a good point that might change the way you think about being a deacon. Becoming a deacon does not mean that you are better than everyone else in the congregation. When you are a deacon, the only thing on your mind should be, how can I serve God? I do not know if you know this or not, but if you are wearing your tonia and standing outside during the liturgy, you are not really a called a deacon (for that specific liturgy). The "deacon" is the one serving in the alter. Your responsibility as a Psaltos is to lead the congregation in the hymns so that the praise is in unison and there is one leader, that is usually lead by a person appointed or ordained at a higher rank. If you are an Oghnostos your responsibility is to read the letters or epistles to the congregation.

    All in all, you are a deacon to serve God. Even if the older deacons do not, as you say, respect you, you must remember that you should not be doing anything unless you prepare yourself first, by learning the hymn or so on....

    Now I did not write this message to put you down, dont take this in the wrong way, but there are a few things where you have to be old enough to do. All I can advise for you now is to continue in your learning and to keep in mind that you are a deacon because you want to serve God not so that you can impress anyone.

    From Deacon to deacon:
  • hey,

    i just wanted to add even though im not the best deacon myslef it makes it alot easier to memorize the hymn if you really understand and enjoy it so if i were you id do some reading about the liturgical and or psalmody( w.e you tryen to learn) hymns realize the meaning behind them and it will make things much easier and btw you got the best tool for learning hymns right in front of you, hope i helped.


    [glow=red,2,300]God Bless You[/glow]
  • [quote author=AvvaAntoni link=board=1;threadid=1030;start=0#msg17611 date=1105142803]
    Becoming a deacon does not mean that you are better than everyone else in the congregation.

    I agree. Being a deacon is the same as being a Sunday School teacher, it's just a different kind of service.
  • thats not my point. i want to know as much as i can so i can lead the church in the right direction and help the congregation
  • All the advice I have I posted above, if anyone else could give their opinion?

    sorry for the caps

  • i just wanted to say that avvaantoni raised a exelent point, we as deacons, are on a mission to serve god not to impress anyone,in which comes be humble donot accept worldly blessings but heavenly blessings.
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