Fr. Athanasius (Al-Makary)

Does anyone know of any efforts to translate his works into english? Even just some excerpts?


  • Other than what Ramez posted on this site that discusses the General funeral rite, I don't know of any of his works that are translated or being translated.
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    Check this out:
  • The southern diocese's Asaph Hymns Institute is working to translate some of Fr. Athanasius' books to be used as textbooks in the future. They have his permission and he actually provided them a flash drive with his sources to aid in translation. There is also another group in California working to translate them (also with his permission) but I'm not sure who they are 
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    Very cool news!
  • This would be a wonderful endeavor to have all his works translated. We would be able it seems to finally have a good academic and full spiritual study of the Coptic liturgy because of this.
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    There are actually some of Father Athanasius al-Makary's books online in English. Please see below links. There are also available in iBooks.

    Or you can search for Father Athanasius al-Makary in amazon.
  • These three books just came out last month!!!

    Thank you! A long awaited publication. I know who probably translated them too! (Thank you Ramez!!!) :)
  • Actually I had nothing to do with these latest books. I was just as surprised to discover them last week too. It's an exciting find after years of waiting for these works to be translated! I can only hope that those involved had the scholarly knowledge to document the sources properly, and not just knowledge of Arabic. It seems good from what I have seen on Amazon though!
  • Interesting; who is the mystery translator (Unless Abouna Athanasius decided to buckle down with some English)?
  • The first page in the book says:

    Father Athanasius al-Makary
    Author and Editor-in-Chief

    Engineer Sami L. Mitri
    Chairman - Lovers of Coptic Heritage Society

    Monica Sami Mitri
    Nivine Nabil Sami
    Mariam Morad Mehanna

    Also, copyright is for Saint Paul Brotherhood Press.

    To be honest though, just by reading the translator's foreword, I feel like i'll be a bit disappointed by the translation of the rest of the book
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