H.G. Anba Antonious Marcos Lectures

Hello Everyone,

May all the blessings of the present fast be yours.  You know I don't post here much anymore, but I thought someone here might be interested in an idea I have.

Back in the early 2000s, H.G. Anba Antonious Marcos came to the Maqar in Cedar Grove and did a series of lectures on mission.  In these lectures, he not only addressed the basic concept of mission from an Orthodox perspective - and gave us an overview of his mission in Africa - but also fielded a number of questions from the class night after night, including how to contextualize the Gospel and the Orthodox Faith in a given culture, whether or not incorporating Protestant praxis here in the West should be allowed and the reasoning behind his answer, whether or not it is the same thing as allowing the Africans to tune the Liturgy and hymns their own way in that mission field, how we should approach mission in the so-called "Lands of Immigration", etc.

I have recorded the whole thing.  I have somewhere around 20 old school audio cassettes encompassing every detail of Sayedna's visit on different occasions in the early millennium, at the school Fr. Athanasius Farag used to run (still runs?) at the Maqar.  I am wondering if there is someone out there (in the Northeast: NJ, NY, PA, etc.) who is willing to digitize all of the audio for me so we can find a way to bless the Church with it (pending Sayedna's permission, of course).

Yours in Christ,



  • After doing some research on Amazon, I found this device:


    I am planning to buy one to save some old audio cassettes I have (I feel so old saying this). I also bought another device to digitally capture VHS tapes as well. So I'm willing to help in any way I can for this.
  • that's a great idea, well done!

    and don't worry about being old.
    for the amusement of all, i'll repost my online midlife crisis from 2 years ago:

    for anyone too busy to look it up; it concluded with watching a saint movie 

    (to be sure it works for you, choose a saint who is older than you...)
  • hi friends,
    i read about him on line while reading about churches in africa and see that he was a bishop in various african countries. is he still alive?
    because there is another african bishop, so i wondered if there were 2 at the same job (probably we need about 100 doing that job) or if he has passed on to receive his heavenly reward.

    i had the pleasure of hearing the 'new' bishop (anba boulis) give a Bible study recently (it was great), so that got me interested.
    then i saw this thread again and realised you were taking about the same anba antonius i saw online and then wondered what happened to him.
  • I have this kind of audio converter

    If you want to send me tapes, I will digitize as much as possible. Just remember, whoever you send your tapes to, make sure they are copies. Do not send originals. 

  • Rem,

    I was looking at that but it has average 3.5 stars on amazon. If you have good experience with it I'll buy it.

  • so, is he still alive?
  • Mina - Thanks!  I'll be in touch!

    Rem - Thanks for the suggestion.

    Mabsoota - So far as I know, Sayedna Anba Antonious is still alive, may God preserve his life and health.  He was invested with the title "Bishop of African Affairs" and given "the staff of Africa" by H.H. Pope Shenouda III of Thrice-Blessed Memory.  The other bishop in Africa you are talking about - H.G. Bishop Paul - has never held the same position, but rather is a general bishop (I think he has a title like "Bishop of Mission" or something like that) working in Africa.

  • ahh, ok, thanks.
    i just could not find anything recent about him.
    i had the pleasure of hearing anba boulis speak at our church recently :)
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