Baby Name

My wife and I are having a baby soon. We like the name Emmanuel.
Emmanuel means 'God Is With Us' but I see it used a lot during mass.
Is there anything wrong with calling our son Emmanuel?


  • Nothing wrong at all.
  • I knew several people named "Emmanuel" including Copts.
  • Thank you for the replies.

    How about a name like Dominic?

    It's a Catholic saint I think but not recognised in coptic orthodoxy as far as I'm aware.
  • There are plenty of Copts with names that are not saints. I don't see any requirement to name your child as a saint as binding. If you want to name your child after a saint, that's great. If you don't name your child after a saint, that's great too. We no longer have a "theology of names" like what we find in the Old Testament. Nearly 100% of the time, people name children based on cultural norms and nothing more.
  • If you want to name your child Dominic, that's fine. Nothing really wrong with that.

    I knew a Copt named Mario...yup!
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