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I am co-editing a new English translation of Chrysostom's 90 Homilies on Matthew. It will be based on, and published in parallel with, Field's Greek edition. The aim is to make it as comprehensive a resource as possible, and there will be several appendices. One of these will be about the 35 or so homilies that exist in Syriac, and I would like if possible to have another appendix about any surviving Coptic manuscripts (or indeed critical editions) of Chrysostom's Homilies on Matthew, compared to the Greek text. I can provide the Greek text in PDF form, and can send on the English translations as they come in from the translators. I would be very grateful for any suggestions of scholars I might approach who would have the time, competence, interest, and resources needed to write an essay on the Coptic tradition of Chrysostom's Homilies on Matthew, which would be published as part of this project. All the essays will be in English, so the author should either be a native speaker, or at least have a very good command of English. The project will take a few years to reach publication stage, so there will be plenty of time to write the essay. Please send me a note if you can suggest a suitable author, and feel free to pass this message on. Thank you.


  • Hi eshpheri,

    I don't know of anyone personally, but you might be able to get some assistance by reaching out to Alin Suciu:

    He's a Coptic Scholar who's always posting new manuscript translations and ongoing research, often making it freely available. He's already done some research on Chrysostom's Homilies in Coptic:

    If he can't help you directly, he may be able to point you to someone who can.

    Another option would be to reach out to scholars at strong research universities like UPenn or Yale. Look for the Near Eastern Studies Department and look for scholars specializing in Egyptology.

    Hopefully you can find someon :)
  • Thanks to you both. I tried sending an email to Alin Suciu, but didn't get a reply; I'm sure he's very busy. I will keep trying though!
  • Alin Suciu is already working on Coptic Chrysostom's Homilies to the Romans. It's not out yet. 

    If you don't mind doing some research, here is where I think you should look. I don't know if it will have anything on the Matthew homilies.

    1. Montfaucon Chrysostom's works, Paris, 1724. Greek versions

    2. Alin talks about Pseudo Chrysostom fragments of Psalms. He references multiple manuscripts that have fragments. He gives a few references you can check out. 

    3. The only other work of Chrysostom in Coptic that I am aware of deals with hagiography: Budge's Coptic Apocrypha (Sahidic Coptic) Econium on John the Baptist, homily on repentance. There will likely not be anything on Matthew.

    Unfortunately, there is not much written in Coptic about Chrysostom.
  • Thank you Remnkemi for your always invaluable advice!
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