The Copts in egypt are suffering?!? UN SUPPORT?!

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Hello All,

I am an egyptian copt in america who is very very very :'(saddened and disturbed by the mass genocide and problems happening in our native country recently on i read that president bush was sent a letter requesting help i hope he answers it and helps. but my main question is has there been any Intervention by the U.N to stop these atrocious mass acts of genocide.I think the U.n would be a big help in a matter of this importance as lives are being taken every day and the U.N should do something about it as they claim they are stopping genocide. Any thing you know about this subject will help.

Thank you All aghape,

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  • :(

    but my main question is has there been any Intervention by the U.N to stop these atrocious mass acts of genocide

    The U.N never seems to do much when it comes to christians suffering persecution and genocide,case in point-Indonesia;a few years ago the christians there suffered tremendous persecution,many were killed and their homes and churches were burned to the ground.I saw a woman who survived a gunshot wound to her face.A portion of her face had been blown off.They had stuck a gun right up to her face and asked her if she still believed in Jesus,she said she did,so they shot her point blank range and blew half of her face off.She doesnt have part of her face but she still has her Lord Jesus Christ in her heart and the assurance of eternal life in Him.She rejoices!

    The U.N hasnt done much in Burma{if anything}as the Christian Church there is being laid waste even as I'm typing this posted message.Their churches,homes,etc are being burned,their woman raped,their people killed by the score.This has been going on for years and the Karen people have had to resort to armed conflict just to stay alive.God is helping them but they are suffering greatly on a daily basis.

    I could go on and on about how christians are suffering all over the world and the U.N IS DOING VERY LITTLE TO STOP ANY OF THIS. Yet the U.N is very worried about the poor muslims suffering at the hands of the evil Americans and Israeli's.I wonder if the UN thinks the Eygptian Copts are persecuting the poor muslims of Egypt{note the}.Maybe they should send a relief package to help these poor afflicted souls!

    No,I fear you will have to wait a long time before you will ever see the U.N act in a beneficial way in relief of the tragic suffering of our brothers and sisters in Eygpt.Dont hold your breath!
  • im not sure if its the UN, but the copts in america went to some1 prolly the UN and told them about what was going on in egypt many times. then they go and check it out and as the pope and bishops if they need help, but they just push them away, and say nothing is wrong and that there are no problems between the christians and muslims.
  • They really can't do that much because of national sovereignty. There needs to be the consent of a large percentage of people and in Egypt the copts don't outweigh the muslims so i don't see how they could get that consent. Also, peacekeepers use minimum force necessary at all times and with the muslims, the minimum force really won't do that much. The UN just doesn't have that much power. I suppose the most they could do is hold conferences that would negotiate solutions. Developed countries should take more leadership in these issues.
  • Noam Chomsky summed this up very nicely.

    I'm gonna get into a bit of history before stating Chomsky's statement.

    The UN was created after WW2, in order to prevent anything like the holocaust to happen again. They actually said "Never Again".

    But look at Rwanda. It was actually much worse than the holocaust. The speed at which the people died was extremely fast, and it was more efficient and much less costly; they used Machetes!

    Back to Chomsky. If anybody is into politics, you should check him out.

    Chomsky said, "there is no Western concern for issues of aggression atrocities, human rights abuses, and so on if there's a profit to be made from it". Basically, Chomsky said that if a profit can be made, then the western world will start to worry about it and take the matter into their hands. Iraq is a good example; the oil is a very valuable resource in the world. Africa has no profit to be made from it, yet the atrocities African countries put their people through are much worse than what Saddam puts his people through.

    God bless,
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