One Copt Convention

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One Copt National Convention
October 30, 2014

One Copt is a newly founded convention welcoming graduates and young professionals for a spiritual-based weekend from all over North America.


  • i hope less educated people and manual workers are allowed to go to.
    then i would be able to go (if it was in my country).

    what about old people?
    should they stay at home and weave palm crosses?
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    The purpose of the conference is to find a spouse, and since the vast majority of Copts are professionals/graduates, there is no point in bringing less qualified people, whom professional Copts will never marry anyway.

    As for old people, the Coptic church only cares about youth. I guess they could weave palm crosses, attend weekday liturgies when no when else is there, anything that keeps them out of the way...
  • Who is eligible to attend the One Copt Convention?

    All graduates and young professionals born between October 30, 1992 and October 30, 1974. All new, young Coptic Orthodox graduate converts or Catechumens are especially welcomed to attend. NOTE: All attendees must meet the age requirements. Any attendees who do not meet the age requirement listed above will not be able to attend the convention. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • qawe, you sound like me!

    are you old already?!


    really, i think we should be more focused on doing things together.

    so if there are too many people to do a conference for all of them, then, for example, we could do one conference focused on 'finding your way in life' (will tend to be younger people, but also the older ones who are getting stuck in their employment or maybe still single at age 40 will be welcome).

    then we could do another on 'community life and service', which may attract parents, sunday school teachers or older people who need encouragement on how they can contribute better, but also younger people who would like to learn better how to serve people who are stuck at home due to age or illness would be welcome.

    we could do one on 'reaching out with God's love' for people (old, and young, rich or poor) who wish to encourage new people into the church.

    we could even do one on 'church hymns' chaired by ophadece and featuring remnkemi and minasoliman as speakers.

    we can teach them to all weave palm crosses together to help smooth the debate...



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