I can't talk to Abouna...

Hi I'm 18 as I suppose that information can be useful. 
I feel I cannot talk to my father of confession...
When I did talk to him for the first time last week I got so annoyed and I could feel the devil trying to take me away from the Lord. 
In the end I didn't tell him half the things I was going to say and I just kind of stopped talking. I'm not a person that can talk to people and confide in them, I don't even talk to my parents about problems. I've gone to councillors but I don't talk to them either. 
After becoming very ill and having a lot of ongoing problems I fell like there is no point. That's when I thought I would talk to Abouna... But it didn't help, I see that is probably my fault because I wasn't open with him. I don't know whether I should see him today and tell him that. 
Please help me. 


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    Pray first. Then go tell him all that. Him knowing that background will help him ease you to talk. I am sure your Father of confession wants nothing but the best for you and your relationship with the Lord. Sometimes if talking is too difficult for you, ask him if you can come with a letter and give it to him to read. It may ease you to share with him. 

    I cannot pretend to know how you feel, but I know there is a power in prayers. Pray, and if prayers can move mountains, then your prayers can surely ease you to talk. May God overshadow you blessings, joy and peace. 
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    what @sharetheLord said is very valid, but let me first applaud and commend so highly the step you took in approaching your father of confession. It seems to me you don't easily trust people As seen with your family and counsellors and this lack of trust transfers to the church figure and God before them for you to feel you're going astray. That's why I am applauding your actions as they show not only maturity but also strong willpower. I work in the field of psychiatry so feel free to pm me but what I want to urge you to do is take @sharetheLord's advice and Go open up to your father of confession. He'll understand I'm sure and if he doesn't bring it back here we all can help one way or another.. God be with you and pray for us please
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    I hope maybe these two articles might be of relevance:

    "Dealing with My Spiritual Father can be Rough"


    "I feel nasty and want to confess one sin to someone else"

    God-willing there will be a post in the near future about how/when to switch a father of confession, and what to consider in such a choice.

    May the Lord grant you grace and peace, and don't be afraid. Sometimes it's right to go to someone else, sometimes it is not. May He grant you discernment and peace, because our Lord is a Lord of peace, and there is nothing that He does not forgive and forget.

    Pray for me,

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