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I'm looking for a specific version of Agpeya to download on my phone - it's the one edited by Hegumen Angelos Saad and published by St. Mary & St. Athanasius, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada...it's the only version in English that I have found easy to read, it has texts from the NKJV 1982 version...does anyone know how can I get hold of it...I have the book but I would love it on my phone to have access to it all the time!! 


  • I heard that particular edition is no longer in print :( It was the best sized one too, very compact and also had the priest's absolution and few other prayers in it. 
  • oh what a shame!! I wonder why they stopped printing it! was it not approved then? it's the only version that I really read with ease...you're right it is compact and easy to carry in my bag and read anywhere...well I better look after the little book I have then...thank you it's kind of you to get back to me, I thought no one heard of this one...I live in England and it's very hard to find the church books in easy to read English as you would find in America or Canada...that's why I'm a regular visitor at websites such as suscopts.org & SMSJB church for their generous variety of books that I can easily download and read on my way to and from work!
  • welcome from another uk Christian :-)
    i agree that old english is very difficult.
    did you look at the agpeyas that are bilingual english / arabic? usually they have good english.
    feel free to send personal message if you want to tell me where you are exactly; maybe i can help you find a good one in the church shop.
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    Have you tried www.agpia.org
    I'm not sure if it's the one you are after but it uses NKJV text
  • http://www.agpeya.org/

    May not be exactly the one you're looking for but this is in modern English and you can download them as PDF's
  • There's a beautiful version of Psalm 15 in Prime on agpeya.org. At one point we pray:

    "He has manifested His wonders to His saints who are in His earth, and He has wrought all His desires in them. "
  • Thank you all for your comments, it's very kind of you to get back to me, i have looked at www.agpeya.org and i suppose it is as close as it can get to the one i have so thank you Hmonas,mabsoota and micmek. thank you Cyril for Psalm 15 and I will look after my little book. Wishing all a blessed Sunday!
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