Need your help - Survey about science, sex, social issues and the Church


Hi all,

I'm preparing some talks for a convention about those issues, and I started distributing the survey. Already I feel the scope is well beyond the convention or my blog, this affects the service as a whole. If you're able to 

a) Do the survey yourself and
b) Spread the survey around by whatever means you have: twitter, Facebook, you name it 

it would be greatly appreciated. 

This survey is for everyone, not just youth. I want to know how people really think and feel about these issues and how the Church is dealing (or not dealing) with them, so that we can all grow. The survey is entirely anonymous. Some people have CHOSEN to leave me their e-mail addresses in their responses to communicate directly, and I'm open to that as well.

Here's the link:

Pray for me, please,


  • i have done it, i am in uk, hope it's not just for usa people!
    thanks, father and may God be with you in your work for Him.
    mine is the one with lots and lots of comments...
  • +

    :D awesome! The survey is for everyone in the Coptic Orthodox Church, anywhere, any age, any anything. :)

    feel free to pass it around...actually, please do!

    pray for me,
  • Dear ap, 

    Are you still interested in having youth complete this survey?

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