Greetings and Salutations

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  • welcome and may God guide you.
    what is it you like about the church?
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    Welcome, ousia! Feel free to holler at any time with anything. :)

    Keep us all in your prayers during the journey and always.

    your brother,
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  • Welcome Ousia,

    Your brief story is beautiful. One thing I would comment. The Coptic Church's renaissance did not come in the 1960's. Renaissance came and comes daily in Tradition and theology, in liturgy and praxis. And while you're praying to be worthy for Her glorious past and more glorious future, include us "cradle" Copts in that prayer. Really there is no such thing as "cradle Copts". We are all born anew and "converted" daily in the love of God and the Orthodox Church through the ancient sacraments and customs of Tradition.
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