Tasbeha in Italian

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Hi Guys,

I met these really cool italian guys in a bar watching the Italy Vs UK match last week. They turn out be to really devout Christians. 

Anyway, they want to hear our tasbeha in Italian. I heard it once from a friend, but I didnt hear it again. Can anyone help me get any Hos in Italian? 

Where can I find an MP3 of this?



  • guys.. come on.. there must be someone here with Arepsalin in italian!??
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    Some of those guys look a little too young to be monks! Not too sure what's going on at 1:18... hehe

    God Bless
  • Its a mess. I saw this video this morning. GOD FORGIVE THEM WHO MADE THIS.. they ruined the hymn. I just hear cymbals and triangle, and no words.

    The whole purpose of the tasbeha in Italian was that you can sing and understand what you are singing. But somehow, Copts still have to mess it up. The words are not clear at all.

    Why do they play the cymbals so loud??? Why sing so fast?? 

    I cannot show this to someone Italian. I want to show my Church off, not embarrass myself
  • since when r u allowed to be a monk at like 5??!
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    Yh Zoxasi I agree but its the only thing I could find. Maybe if you translate like the first few verses and sing it yourself and record it cuase Im not too sure you will find one made. But you can always let them listen to it in Coptic and then send them a translation... nothing beats Coptic! 

    But seriously what is going on with those monks?? Why are there such young monks and why do most of the older ones not have a shread of facial here. Something smells fishy!

    God Bless  
  • i think this is a bunch of little kids that dressed up as monks and did a tasbeha...
  • well.... is that allowed...?

  • its better than having monks at 8...
  • Hi Faithful..

    You said "nothing beats coptic"

    that's what I thought, until I heard it in Italian. It sounds better in Italian; and i'm not kidding or exaggerating in ANY way.

    And guess what?? Someone told me that apparently its even better in Spanish. 

  • The youth learning spanish Tasbeha in Valle Sanch…:

  • @avakaras hahaha

    @Zoxsasi really? Do you have a link for it in spanish?

    God Bless
  • OMG.. wow.. they are all Bolivians. 

    I attended an Italian & Spanish mass this weekend in the Catholic Church. The music was pretty good; but you HONESTLY had the impression that some lady was going to jump into the crowd and start doing flamenco dancing. 

    I'm not sure if such music elevates the heart to prayer; or if it just amuses the mind from boredom.

    You guys all know me by now: I hate prayer without understanding, so to finally find a language where the tasbeha actually sounds better in a native language and can be understood 100% is very interesting. I really envy the Italian Copts.
  • It seems like a lead monk (the one with the cymbals) that encourages Coptic Italian children to tasbeha by having some of them dress up as monks.
  • +

    Zoxsasi - at my home church before holy orders, we only prayed tasbeha entirely in English. always. I loved it, memorized most of it, fell in love with it, because it was sung not only with understanding, but beautifully. The more that it's sung, the easier that it becomes to have a flow, and then we are able to sing as one unit. anyway, i'll stop rambling! but i agree with you - prayer without understanding…as St. Paul said, "how do you say Amen?"

    pray for me,
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