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Hi, guys    -=Peace of Christ=-

For those who do not know, there is a new website called, it is the official website for all copts around the world which will help us gather a senses for all Copts, in order to stop governments false statistics.

Please Support and go register to the website. I am sure your priests or bishops should be telling you about it already but just wanted to  let those who haven't heard.

You can get latest news, events locally and globally. 

Note: There is a validation code to register to the website if your church didn't give it to you, please Message me here or also on Youtube (DivineAegis02) and I will be happy to give you the password.

God bless.


  • Hi
    I am new here. I found your video on
    Coptic Orthodox Hymn_ Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy) ترنيمة كيرياليسون قبطية
    Dear "DivineAegis02".
    EN Where can I get the sheet music for this Hymn?
    AR أين يمكنني الحصول على الموسيقى ورقة لهذه الموسيقى؟
    هللويا الشكر لله
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