coptic tune for gospels and psalms

hello copts,

i would like to learn how to say the psalms and the gospel in that special (beautiful) tune. but is there a difference between the tune of saying the gospel and a psalm? they are just the same to me. for an example this is the tune for the gospel: 

is the tune of saying a psalm after the gospel in a hour prayer not the same? if not whats the difference?



  • are you speaking about the annual tune....resurrection... pascha??
    need specifics
    the video you sent was annual and no there is no difference
    basically just do it the way you hear it because all of our hymns are passed down by oral tradition
  • Loverofmina, there is a difference between the tunes. In Coptic, the tune of the psalm is always said in a different tune than the Gospel. The tune of the psalm is different depending on the occasion. In Arabic, the tune of the Psalm is the same as the tune of the Gospel. Hope that helps.
  • Well you can always rakeb the Coptic tune on the Arabic/English words, but I never really recommend that
  • @p
    Do you mean you sing Coptic psalm and Gospel the same way you do Arabic or English? Why though?
  • pp
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    No I mean the opposite.  Sing the Arabic or English psalm in the Coptic tune like Rafadoony or in English like does
  • Thanks for clarifying @p. I can never understand why some people resort to that behaviour. As if people don't have enough time in 8 minutes or so to figure out the Arabic or English translation to what's being sung. Or maybe there's no need for Coptic in the Coptic church..
  • Wait so can someone post a link to a page or video or something where I can learn the annual coptic tunes for psalm and gospel. 
  • For lfahmy and loverofmina lfahmy got to liturgies, find the liturgy of st basil in coptic by higher institute of coptic studies and go to part 2. There is a track you can play and download but it doesn't have any text. It is titled "the Psalm". That is what you're looking for. That is an annual liturgy Palm in the short tune. There are 2 longer tunes. It is different for matins and vespers though. Also go to my profile, go to discussions and red the one titled "coptic psalm" it will clear things up. A little.
  • haha thank you so much pachom
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