Rite of receiving a new priest

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Does anybody happen to have the ritual for this service in an editable format so it can be personalised? I know of the rites and know they are on copticreader but as I say it would be good to be able to edit it specifically for the service.

We have a new priest arriving on the 10th April being a lent weekday and there is some discussion as to whether the service should take place. Some say it is lent and there is no vespers while others say this is not a Vesper service for lent with lent readings but a unique service with its own rite. If the latter is the case would you still chant Epouro (entrance) and Piepnevma which are considered hymns of joy although part of the service and would you replace Tai shori with Ti shori as the service would already be at the time of vespers for the last Friday of Lent which follows the hymns of the weekends.

It would be good to hear your opinions or observations.


  • I guess I would look at how the ordination service goes and how they pray it and mimic that
  • After reviewing the rite briefly, the only thing that should be changed based on being a lent weekday, are the verses of cymbals, which should be replaced with Kyrie Eleyson, and saying Aki as we do during the entire fast. Everything else is specific to the rite. The hymn of the Holy Spirit is there for a reason, along with Niethnos Teero and Taishori. Pouro has many different uses and it is not necessarily linked to anything joyful. 
  • I believe since the service has it's own readings and rite, it's separate from the lent rite. The only thing that is not clear to me is if it should be in annual or festive. 
  • If this is the case then it should be festive :)
  • The priest was ordained just before Lent started and that is not really relevant as the ordination itself is during the liturgy after the prayer of reconciliation.

    I have attended the rite before in Egypt and it is not festive but follows the time of year which for the standard responses during Lent is annual. I agree with Mina that the service is a standalone ritual. A mixture of tunes are used for example the entrance Epouro is festive while the the madiha is prayed in the Hosanna tune. The verses of the cymbals are annual with the addition of the verse for the 24 Priests and this would not be replaced with Kyrie Eleison firstly because it is not a a lenten liturgy or associated with it and also as I mentioned would be at the time of vespers for the last Friday of Lent which follows the ritual tunes of the weekend anyway.

    Does anybody have an editable file of the ritual?
  • @drewhalim,
    Entrance ebowro is not festive. It just happens to be sung only in longer liturgies..
  • Thanks for your points. I totally agree that the hymns are symbolic and the rite is prayed only one time in the life and service of a newly ordained priest.
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