Psalm 116 Niethnos Tiro and Vesper Praises



  • Muallem Gad mentioned in a recent interview that he has heard of this hymn but has not received it. After listening to this recording, i am very skeptical of this hymn as it doesnt seem to make much musical sense lol but it was a worth a listen
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    I have heard this being mentioned before...but never gave it attention. The fact that it has pieces ya kol al sofoof, pavlos elfarayhi,annual paralex, arihoo chasf, ekhrestos anisti, the annual niethnos teeroo, and prob others, all of this makes me VERY suspicious. @meensasamy, please provide more details about that recording and priest.

  • @minazaki @christ_rose @minatasgeel
    Unfortunately I have no available information about the source and I don't have another source except it.
    Maybe it's like many hymns we didn't have like "O-Oniatk,........etc".
    I can't confirm exactly.
  • I wouldn't compare o-oniatk to this. This hymns sounds much more recent than o-oniatk (despite all thoughts i have about o-oniatk). 
  • @meensasamy
    In any case, thank you very much for sharing this recording. Personally, I will be filing this away as "needs more research" for the time being.
  • @Minatasgeel I think the issue isnt the fact that it has pieces of all those hymns but rather that it flows in and out of the original tune of niethnos teero and then has transitions that dont match. Many hymns have this many pieces of other hymns but they fit musically in any case. This one is very very random and really cant be followed easily. I also agree that Oouniatk is very different. 
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