Here it is. I found it. Deacon. Shoria. 
at 00:55 you will see a coptic (Deacon/ subdeacon) at the church of the Holy Sepulchre.
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  • hehe. Holy Sepulchre is in Jerusalem, a separate diocese that has it's own rite in many thing. The fact that Metropolitan Abraham is consider and Patriarch is interesting by itself. 
  • Mina, The Holy Sepulchre is shared. There is a Catholic section, a greek section, an antiochian section, an armenian section, ( the Armenians were having a procession there and got in a fight with the greeks
    There are many altars and jurisdictions there.
  • I said the whole diocese had it's own rite, not only when praying in that church. I myself don't know much details. 

  • Ah I see. Interesting.
  • Well, St. Athanasius does mention that the deacons in the original church were the ones who did use the censer. Also, this rite is preserved in many other orthodox churches
  • This rite is still preserved in the COC
  • Can you give the exact reference of what St Athanasius said? Hopefully it is something I can research and confirm it came from St Athanasius.
  • Sure Rem. As far as i was told... The priest would put the incense into the censer and the deacon cense. Deacon Antonios actually mentioned this as well in a recent convention and used Saint Athanasius as a source. Also up until two decades ago, deacons used to go around the church during the diptych with the censer.
  • Yes I know that is what we are being taught. But no one actually has a reference. I guess we can say this is oral tradition.
  • Rem,

    My guess is that they are all referring to the canons of Athanasius that we talked about previously, which many erroneously attribute to Athanasius the Great.
  • i was in St.Mary and St.Moses abbey texas and i was lucky to dress as a deacon and take cumunion in an indian orthodox mass! it was great and yes the deacon would use the shoria it was very interesting!
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