God's love.

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Sometimes I think that God’s love for us is too great. It’s amazing
and we don’t deserve it, but he loves us too much to not give us his
grace. If you think about it, God planned out our whole lives without
realizing it. It is us who drift away from him and the ultimate plan for
our lives. He is walking with us one step at a time, and his will and
plan is so much greater than ours. You don’t realize what God has done
for you until you actually sit down with yourself and think about it.
Even if we disobey him, he’s still reaching out for us in the weirdest
ways. He still fixes our paths after we ruin them ourselves. His love is
just too great. Without God, our lives become lost and full of
confusion, because all this time, it was God who planned for us our way.
He is the way and and the truth and the life. When we drift from him, we lose our way –
we lose our life.

Just like in Pope Shenouda’s book “Return to God”, he
mentions how when there’s a sunset, we think that the sun keeps going
down and down until its gone, leaving us in the dark. But in truth, it
is the earth that rotates and turns its back on the sun’s light. When we
leave God, we leave him because we think we know how to live a good
life on earth without him. We think that this sin will bring us to
happiness and freedom. It’s the opposite. When we lose our focus on God,
nothing with satisfy us. Us copts were baptized to have the
Holy Spirit in us. Only the Holy Spirit can give us that satisfaction we
need. No money, no fame, no great thing will ever make us as happy or
joyful as having a relationship with God. Nothing.  When we just open our eyes to all
he has done in our personal lives to help us, it’s mind boggling. God
can never give us more than we can handle. And  there’s a reason why
everything happens. Even if we don’t see it now, we’ll understand it
later if we think about it. Instead of thinking negatively and letting
our doubts get through, think openly. Think. Maybe certain things happen for a reason. Maybe God put us on earth
for a reason.

We, the children of God, have a mission to help other
people who haven’t reached God yet. It's our mission to show God's love through our love for God and other people. There's a song I heard on a Christian Radio that has this sentence in it (or something like it): Without love, it is as if I do nothing. Even if I have faith to tell this mountain to jump and it jumps, but I don't have love, I have done nothing. Even if I go to the stake to be martyred and I don't have love, its considered nothing. Without love, I'm indebted.

By walking in a path that's apart from God, we're not only ruining ourselves, but we're ruining the plan God laid out for us. And for what? For looking good in front of everyone? For a few moments of pleasure? For the sake of being satisfied you rebelled? For going along with the crowd? For making sure you covered up that other wrong thing you did? It's not getting us anywhere.


  • Hey CopticStrength, very nice post. Could you by any chance, reference what page you found that amazing quote on! The one about the sun and the earth.

    Thanks a lot.
  • If this was google I'd plus 1 this! Great Post

    God Bless
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    Who cares if God loves me if I don't feel He does or He can't prove it now and all Copts treat me like He does not? by refusing me for marriage. I still believe Jesus words not to worry about anything but to seek first the kingdom and all these things will be added to you
    I am so far off from God perhaps delaying repentance all the time
    It pleased God that those who deceive others to believe in universal salvation would be deceived themselves

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    I was praying to God and was feeling relieved. Praying earnestly to ask if I can be saved. To lead me in His truth and teach me as He is the God of my salvation. I was praying earnestly as I wanted to respect that God may not desire to save the wicked if they do not repent and I should not be one of the lost. I wisely decided I should love God no matter what as He is God and He said No one is good but He. That He is a better father than any human father is a fact as He says if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit (we already have Him from the holy myron but we need to ask Him to speak with us as Proverbs says) to those who ask Him. Who has known the mind of the LORD that he may instruct Him? God sees the problem better than us. But then I thought do I really want the wicked to be lost?  do I really want to be one of those christians that give others grief? I thought no. So I stopped praying and feeling close to God. I reminded myself God said I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but rather that he return and his soul live.
    So I thought that means God will save everyone but it does not as hell exists not because God likes putting people there but so there can be a true heaven for those who valued the gift of eternal life and were righteous. It would not be heaven for it to be filled with unrepentant sinful people .Heaven is an undeserved gift to sinful people. That was God's plan for Jesus to die on a cross to give sinners a chance at eternal life.
    God will reward everyone according to his deeds. There is a way to heaven which is taught in the scriptures even the seven sacraments. All those who do not obey the way God will deal with them as He sees fit and is just not all who do not go to heaven go to the devils hell they may be annihilated eventually perhaps or they do not burn there like the devil they obtain mercy and live in another world but not in heaven either knowing what they are deprived of or not but it is tolerable. But I think they will perish that is cease to exist eventually and as the devil is responsible for deceiving them and destroying them he will be damned

    Still God may have created the world with the purpose to save it but I like all men but especially so I am a sinner and unworthy to interpret the scriptures alone and God knows what is best.

    I said it was to make heaven for others but it is also for christ to not have to be crucified many times and therefore it will not be heaven for God either and for the wicked to have the same reward as the righteous is a problem 

  • God knows what is best; you are right.
    God bless you brother.
  • Thankyou I have a lot to learn still but too many distractions

  • Beautiful post. Very wonderful.
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    The sun analogy is on page 51 :)

    And this is the song that I mentioned. Don't watch the video clip, its irrelevant. Just listen closely to the words. I listen to this alot.

    They're life-changing and they make you think in the right way. It makes your focus shift to God instead on yourself. Just try it. Here's a link.

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    I really like this post Coptic Strength! You are so right. Even if we walk away from God and are being stubborn, he is always finding a way to returning us to him, like the lost sheep. And I felt that this new year is a gift from God to use the new oppurtunities he gave us. Leave the past behind and start a new page :)

    God bless you, can I share this with my friends?

  • But people, I have got a question. Is it true that God has planned our life? Because I'm doubting that. For example, does God already know who u are gonna marry? In that case, there is somebody walking at this earth now, who God knows he is going to be my future husband?
    Or is it that we're making choices and that God advices us whether they're good or bad choices? And if God has planned our lifes for us, how do we follow his plan?
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    16Psalm 139:16Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
    And in Your book they all were written,
    The days fashioned for me,
    When as yet there were none of them.

    God has planned our life to follow His plan we have to make the right choices but He may have provided a solution if we make some mindless choices that are not binding

  • God made the world.
    He got all the atoms and all the rain drops in the right place to create a planet full of living, breathing beings.
    i think He won't struggle to coordinate your life.
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    I just need to mention that I am sorry for appearing desperate to marry just any girl I fear in the future some girls may try too hard to get me but I want to fall in love. My dad's plan is to take me to sudan to marry. He says you can learn to love after which I am hoping is possible

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    I'm soo confused right now xD
    But then again, I'm always confused :)

    Anyway, Marmar, do as you like
     I think when a person posts something online, they already gave consent to the world to use it. Don't you think?
  • +Christ is risen!

    I know this post is old, but CopticStrength -- awesome post and great song! I'll add it to my playlist. :D

    Pray for me!
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