Jesus Prayer

I make, use, give away and soon will sell(in and for the Church bookstore) orthodox prayer ropes. I say the Jesus prayer in Coptic so

1) Can someone check my Coptic grammar? Isoos Piekristos Epshiri Emefnouti Ko niebol Pirefernovi. (Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner) 
Airnovi Pasootir Ariboithin Eroi (I have sinned my Savior help me)

2) What languages do you guys and gals use? I know we have some diverse orthodox members here so please share!
Thank you!
Jesus Christ the Son of God was born in Bethlehem.


  • Yes your Coptic sentences are correct.
  • Hi., I thought ko niebol meant "forgive me" not "have mercy on me"
  • oops. Sorry baempi is right. "Have mercy on me" is "nai nee".
  • Thanks for the correction. I've grown accustomed to Ko niebol so i'll hold on to it.
  • One more small adjustment: Isoos Piekristos Epshiri Emefnouti Nai Nee KHA Pirefernovi.

    Without the "kha", it means "Jesus Christ Son of God forgive me O sinner".  You're basically calling Jesus Christ a sinner.  If you want to be fully coventional it would be Isoos Piekristos Epshiri Emefnouti Nai Nee ANOK KAH Pirefernovi, which would expand it to "... forgive me I the sinner."  But since this is an individual prayer it's not necessary.
  • Final Version 
    Isoos Piekristos Epshiri Emefnouti Ko Niebol Kha Pirefernovi.
    Good catch Archdeacon. 
    Pray for me.
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