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Who is your favorite saint... and why???


  • Mine, if you couldn’t figure out, is saint Bishoy... he is awesome, I learn, and learned soooooooo much from him. Also I was named after him.... so I am sure he is praying for me up there.... hopefully. May he pray for us all.
  • I LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV ;D ;D...Pope Kyrillos....i luv him sooooo much....i just have this connection with him...and im closest to him...i hope that doesnt sound weird...and the stare he always has in his pictures.....it seems has he just looks straight in you and sees all you have done...hes just an amazing being and i thank God for him....i luv him :) :) :) :) :)
  • reminds me of the " Hectic 5 " thread.
    any1 remember that?

    st George.
  • pope kyrillos all the way!!
    i've learned so much from him and keep learing more! he's always been there for me and man does he ever put up with my constant nagging for his intersession on everything!

    as well a story that has inspired me is that of st. marina the monk, her story of humilty and love has totally kept me in awe and i really look up to her!

    all saints are great in their own way and connect with us in their own way :D
  • My favorite saint is Saint Marina of Antioch, don't ask why because I have no idea, I guess I was just born liking her. ;D But she does amaze me with what she went through for the sake of Christ, it's just amazing. Sorta random, but I was thinking that our relationship with God is like a 401K account. You put in some money and God will meet you there and put in much, much more. Well, it doesn't exactly work that way with 401K, sorry, totally random, but yeah, Saint Marina!!
  • my favorite saint is Pope Kyrillos vi
    now this may sound odd but he was my
    favorite for as long as i can remember, however
    i never knew anything about him or even knew
    his name lol.
    as i got older i loved him more and more, and i always yearned to learn about him and his story. So far, thanks to friends ive managed to learn loads, ive read many many books, each sweet, when i hear storys about him i become so happy. If anyone knows any cool ones, let me know!
    my other favorite saints include:st mina and st. anthony
  • hi guys.. i love alllllllllllll saints but my favorite if i had one it would be saint Marina sense i'm named after her.. if ur wondering my nickname is Rina.. even tho that had lyk nothing to do w/ wut we're talking abt but it's a lil FYI kinda thing.. lol ;D

    Rina ;)
  • ;D i really lyk Pope Kryllos lotz especially his stories and his boox but i really really lyk saint anthony because he is the father of all monks and im interested in monastisim yer umm saint mark coz he started coptic orthodox and that is the best kind of religion umm saint mary of coarse becoz thats the mother of God o yer and saint paul i dont no y but i really do saint abraam coz he is ma patron saint and also if i loose things the onli name i look for bsides God is saint Wannas but i still love all the other 1ns ;D :D ;D :D
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=897;start=0#msg15850 date=1103606241]
    reminds me of the " Hectic 5 " thread.
    any1 remember that?

    st George.

    yup good old times ;D

    St. Filopatir Mercurius (no, not St Matthew lol)
  • IF this was a poll, Pope Kyrelos will have the majority here. I think it is because he is a ‎modern day saint where some people met him or knew him personally. I LOVE Pope Kyrelos.
    We learn a lot from each saint, and that is one of the reasons why I LOVE our Orthodox ‎church. She gives you examples to follow and saints that can inspire you. Each saint is Distinct ‎in his or her virtues and the lessons we can learn from them. They each send a unique ‎message to us today that are both comforting and inspirational.
    Keep these saints coming. If you can just also mention something about the life of that saint, ‎one of his attributes or characteristics so we may learn something about him or her as well.
    I will start.
    My Favorite saint was a monk for 3 years then he became a martyr. He was born to a rich ‎parents who didn't have any children. His mother was praying in front of the Icon of St. Mary, ‎asking to be given a Son, She heard a voice call out from the Icon saying "Amen" 3 times. ‎This is where he got his name from. He was an excellent soldier in the roman army, he later ‎left to be a Monk for 3 years, then he came back to receive the crown of Martyrdom. He was ‎later dubbed, the wonder worker.
    Any Guesses? Well He is Saint Mina. Keep your saints coming though. I LOVE them all.‎
  • lol....Pope Kyrillos and SAint Mina are close....they're always found together in pictures...and my parents actually named my brothers after them...well actually a priest did...quick story...lol....a priest told my father not to stay in the army or sumthing lyk that because he will have mina, meryam (me) :), and kyrillos, this happened b4 he met my mother...and amzing thats the order we were born...lol....yea i luv Pope Kyrillos even tho in real life he wasnt a man of many words but a man of prayer....the relationship i have with him is FILLED with words...will mostly me talking...lol...but he does answer me....at least thats how i feel about...i luv that hes here for me...of Course God is always here for me first and foremost....but im thankful for Pope kyrillos...and yea my mother is obessed with Filopatir....hes and amazing being to...and i lyk to noe that own saints werent just egyptian....since he was a roman solider....lol....it nice to see our religion so spread out over the world even many centuries ago!!!
  • I forgot Abouna Bishoy Kamel
  • well if u haven't guessed already hg bishop karas and st. antony. i think i like st. antony cuz i love the story of st. antony and the way he made up the monasticism. and as for hg bishop karas, i've known him for a long time and since i go to the monastery a lot i just got used to him and talk to him.
  • Pope Kyrillos, he changed my life

    [shadow=purple,left][glow=purple,2,300]- Mr. Coptic Orthodox[/glow][/shadow]
  • incase its not obvious....my favorite saint is St. Mary..im named after her...and she is the best...she is my intercessor and she is really great! I love her so so much :)
  • I just love abouna Abdel Messiah .......he really didn't care about how ppl thought about him or his reputation .....(something we Egyptians/Sudanese people have troubles with)...........He always put God before everything even if it meant making a fool out of himself............i lovvvvvvvve you Abouna Abdel Messiah! :D

  • Hi Bishoy remember me Coptic Man or PAD please chat with me oh yeah and my favorite Saint is Saint Anthony because I am named after him and he was the first Monk and my brother Coptic Man his favorite Saint would probably be Sint Paul since his name is after him oh yeah and nice writin with you and Bishoy mr.cool is Anthony and Coptic Man is Paul got it good OK see ya later by.
  • my favorite saint is st.moses the black becuase his story showed how ou can change no matter hw bad you are
  • Hey all:

    St. Marina of Antioch, st. George, St. (Patro=father) Kosmas of Aitolia, St. Demetrios, St. Katherine of Alexandria.
  • St Mary is my fav saint, i am named after her too, just not mary the the latin version...story behind why i wasnt named mary, but thats unimportant, st Mary, she is my Mother always there for me, never leaving me, and i bet she is annoyed with me too, for interceeding soo much...! ILOVE HER!

  • [quote author=thebrain link=board=1;threadid=897;start=15#msg20030 date=1107724877]
    my favorite saint is st.moses the black becuase his story showed how ou can change no matter hw bad you are

    LOL... and he was black right?... lol.. sorry I had to get that out...lol
  • *****(((((ABU-SEFEIN)))))***** #1
    definitely my favorite...we just have this connection, he made too many life-saving miracles for me...don't forget all you need is faith like a mustard seed. :)
  • St. Mary and then St. Mena.

  • Pope Kyrollis ;D
  • Amba Bishoy because his humility is just unbelievable..
  • Saint Mary because well come on she's Saint Mary! She's the best!
    Pope Kyrollos because of the way he's always staring at people in his pictures and because of the great things he does. I mean he just makes you feel like he's beside you and looking straight at you waiting for you to talk to him.
    Abouna Abdelmasseih Elmanary because he is the coolest saint to ever live. I love him soo much. It's amazing how he's so natural. I look up to him so much and would never care about what people think of me.

    May all the saints bless us and guide us to the true light!
  • Pope kyrillos to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love St. Steven and St. Mohrail. No words can descirbe it. lol

  • Hello everyone,

    well although the three holy youth have not been said I just love them. I feel that I relate to them in many aspects. Many people when they ask me who my favorite saint is and I tell them, they get surprised because not many people have Sts. Sedrak, Misak and Abdenago as their favorite saints. Right after the holy youth I am in love with Avva Antony and I really got to know his life story and my love for him was sparked when I was spending a spiritual retreat in his monastery in California. But all in all every saint has a place in my heart. [coptic]Agapy[/coptic]

  • St. George Beacause he suffered for 7 years from 70 kings and he still didn't give up his faith :)
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