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Hey... i know this is an awkward topic... considering we're Christians, and not only that but Copts, who had our ancestors enslave the Jews forever...
but i live in a fairly jewish community, and everytime i get into a discussion about this... i often find that they do now know what their religon is all about... and i just wanted to be sure that if anyone ever asked me: what do you believe in? what exactly do i say, i mean i have a clear idea of what i say, but i want to know what is it that we truly believe in and how exactly to express it in words.


  • two quick words... "Orthodox Creed" :)
    sums our faith up nicely... from any angle... our creed covers it.
  • Hi SMS,

    This question just begs for a really vague answer, what topics do you find come up for discussion? Is there anything that you feel they need to know?

    God bless,

  • Hi, I have to agree with Mary, the creed sums it up nicely!!
  • sorry u guys...
    i actually forgot about this lol
    do u mean the creed as in wut we say in the liturgy?
    (good point there)

    CS... i feel like they wanna ask me.... how do u believe in God... and who is he? u know... things like that
    if u have any other advice
    please post
  • i agree w/Marys on the fact that the orthodox creed we say in mass explains our faith completely.
  • amen to that
    couldn have said it beta myself ;D
  • i love the jews. All my jew friends are always so nice and religion doesn't even come up.
  • why talk about religion in the first place? dont explain, just do what your religion does.
  • Great points, the ORTHODOX CREED is what we believe in, Mary, Good job bringing that up.

    Bishoy, I agree with you, however we should know enough and be prepaired to defend our faith should the situation asks for it. For example, While we don't talk about religion, but if you are in a gathering that says that Orthodox believe in 3 gods, we should be ready to defend our faith and discuss it, not shy down under the cover of peace and "we shouldn't be talkin about that"

    Just my 2 pennies
  • yes... answer only when asked... but I see NO reason for people going to people and opening conversations about religions...
  • I'm pretty sure u heard ur priest start his sermon by saying "In the name of The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Glory be to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit both Now and FOREVER unto the ages of all ages Amen." AND POWER TO THE CREED...wanna explain Christianinty then Put the CREED in your Deed.
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