Change of tune for Kiahk

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Does anyone know whether the morning doxology (we worship the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, hail to the church the house of angels) changes tune for Kiahk?
What about verses of the cymbals?
Also, I know that the doxologies in the matins change tune, but does that include the initial "Sherene o it parthenos, ti oro emee en aleetheenee"?



  • The tunes of the morning doxology and the verses of cymbals dont change at all.

    The tune of the doxologies changes including shere ne o tiparthenos. Actually, in changes from Tiparthenos mariam. The recording is here on the website under Cantor Ibrahim Ayad's Kiahk files.
  • Thanks christ_rose.

    I have another question:
    What is the gospel response for weekdays/Saturdays of Kiahk?
    It isn't mentioned in the sus book. So is it just oniato? And if so, which tune?

  • The daily Gospel response follows the previous Sunday's Gospel response. So basically, from Kiahk 1 until the Third Saturday, it is Tentee Nem Pi Shere Tismos. Then from the Third Saturday until Kiahk 27 (I think 27 because 28 is Paramoun) it is Tenechisi Emmo
  • Thanks! Interesting
  • I have one more question:
    This coming Saturday is both Kiahk and Archangel Michaels feast. So what would the gospel response be? Obviously if you had to choose one or the other, Kiahk would supersede Archangel Michael, but is there a way of adding Arepresvevin for Archangel Michael into Tentee Nem pi shere?

  • I believe you can add a saint verse after Ethve fai but I have never done it myself. It's like adding a verse after fai ere pi o o during feasts. Why not say an extra hetinni or the doxology or the praxis response for archangel Michael instead.

    Btw, concerning the gospel responses, what copticuser20 said is correctable and that is what is written in m Farag book. But I wanted to mention that there are actually gospel responses for every weeks vespers, matins and liturgy all separate.
  • Yes going along with Minas post. There are specific gospel responses for vespers, matins and liturgy for every week! not just the two stated above.

    I have another question. Muallem Ibrahim and Muallem Fahim have recorded a kiahk tune for the Adam Theotokia. I have Muallem Fahims recording and im looking for Muallem Ibrahim's because i learned from him in a lesson that was taken down a while back when they changed his website. Anyone have any hint?
  • If i remember correctly, the tune was really really close to epouro of Pascha. Even whoever was learning it in the recording discovered that mallem Ibrahim commented on it. But i think M Fahim is the source and that's as far as i have gone.
  • It is similar but it is different. Not completely the same. I have M. Fahims but M. Ibrahims is much better.
  • As a few of you have referred to, there are in fact responses for every single Gospel said throughout the year. We recently published a book that includes the Sunday vespers, matins, and liturgy responses.

    Mina I think you got one of the books, have you been able to use it at your church?
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    Thanks for ur post.

    1. If you add arepresvevin after ethve fai, do you just add arepresvevin and then just finish or do you say jefesmaroot too?

    2. In the praxis response, would you say Michael first (since he is the first archangel) or Gabriel (since Kiahk is the main season)?

  • @aiernovi: i do have the book, thanks. I don't really use it in church but i like having it for reference. I had the responses from before though. Abouna Metias recorded them in the HICS kiahk set and from there we found that they were in Albair's book and we actually published them in our kiahk book.

    @qawe: 1- You always have to end with Je Efismaraout
    2-I would personally say Archangel Michael first. Some believe that the part is a kiahk response rather than one just for Archangel Gabriel. I don't believe that is logical.
  • Does anyone have a recording of "Shere Mikhael pi nishti en arshi angelos: shere pi sal pis tees ente ti anastasis: ente Isos Piekhristos" (Praxis Response)?
    I can't find it on this website!

  • probably because i don't believe it's an praxis response...the third estikhon has to much text. what is your source?
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    SUS Deacons book (I'm not 100% sure if that's what it's called, but it's the brown book with "COPTIC HYMNS" on the front)
    Page 636

    If that's not correct, what is the correct response?

  • I don't think that's the SUS deacons book, which i have here and i don't see that response in pg 636. I think you are talking about an old book that only has english and coptic and the size of the old kholagi
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    Yes, the book I'm talking about only has English and Coptic. I agree it's not sus deacons book. I think u r thinking of the right one (it is "published and distributed by St Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church, Hayward, CA")

    Could u plz post the correct praxis response (ie for 12 Kiahk) if the one I posted is not correct?

    Thanks for all your help, Mina
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