Should I post this on my facebook?

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There is no salvation outside of a personal relationship with Jesus (unless one happens to be in line with Jesus commandments and prays to God and when out of line asks God for forgiveness and does not hate others "for no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" ... Jesus said one may blaspheme the Son in some conditions (and if one can not believe but wants to - unless God blames that person for not believing but I highly doubt it as long as one continues to try to get the faith back and does not like being a blasphemer and an enemy) but not the Holy Spirit i.e to knowingly reject repentance  - one must not willfully fight the truth now for his own love of sin rather than because of any persecution and fear that at the moment it will cause problems with family and/or their repentance. Whoever loves the sins of father and mother more than My ways is not worthy of Me says the LORD ) if you don't like that you can get off my facebook. I mean no harm or offense. Truth may offend. Not all want to be saved. Many people have died without hearing the gospel fully even in this day and age and I believe Christ will preach to them and give them a chance or treat them mercifully. Psalm 49 says that those who do not accept God and repent will be as the beasts that perish which never see the light of day again. The difference is to perish for humans is not like animals if they have been warned and do not repent they are accountable like the demons but will have a lesser punishment than demons. However they may just perish since I think most people are just humans who are not warned to repent but told nonetheless. But I would rather people to be damned than to perish because of my weakness in thinking if God does not succeed in making them not to exist they may be begging for mercy somewhere in the universe without God. Atleast when they be damned God can watch over them Other verses to show I am not making it up "He who has the Son has life He who has not the Son shall not see life" 1 John 5:12 " Proverbs 1:28 28 “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me. " Proberbs 2:19 19 None who go to her return,
Nor do they regain the paths of life— And there are many other verses which I read before and ignored hoping better but it may not be possible God is the creator and perhaps knows without evil there can be no full good. Salvation may even be stretched to many after death but that does not mean all will definitely repent

I posted before that verses on God's love but it is not the true gospel because it could be misunderstood and is not subject to private interpretation
Should I mention also one should be orthodox if he wants to be ahead of both protestants and orthodox in his walk with God or something or even one must be orthodox?


  • Didn't you say you have studies which you are trying to concentrate on?

    Most of the things we post on Facebook nobody read. Facebook is a waste of your time. Set a small time allowance for fb everyday and give more time to your studies which you are struggling with.

    Try not to think to much about how you are feeling because it will make you feel worse and you'll end up believing all the negative things you say about yourself, it's very self destructive, trust me.
  • thanks what do others say?

    One reason i thought not to post it it is not the main reason it is I thought if I post it and people become Christian and they are already in a relationship with a non Christian it will cause their relationship to fail and the partner might cheat and I ruined their relationship because of a gospel preached which is not deep enough only accepted out of fear people  don't like shifting people

    The other main reason is I will invite persecution probably even from family members who see it in a hidden way they wont admit to the persecution and I will tempted inside to leave the doctrine as it is complex and maybe some lifestyle changes I need to make also
  • Those verses do not necessarily prove that Jesus is not going to save the whole world. He sent His Son that the world through Him might be saved. It depends on peoples free will now /  after death. They could be meaning and I knew this already it could be meaning things pertaining to this life. They hardly ever be high achievers as Gods blessing is on the righteous just as God chose St Mary to bear Jesus because she was righteous and is the only one worthy of being watched blameless
    they hardly be high achievers rather because they can't forgive themselves and are depressed.
    Psalm 49 basically is a psalm to comfort the righteous who feel less loved than others as they are poor for being righteous. It could be referring to people who get rich by oppression or severe dishonesty so they will be found empty on the day of judgement. And there are new rules in heaven. However it is quite fearful as it says they may perish as the beasts that perish. Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart for only they shall see God. Perhaps heaven would be too overcrowded with unworthy people hence Jesus says in other places and those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection of the dead. I.e perhaps not all are accounted. God knows what is in mens hearts and whether they deserve to be resurrected it is not our job to judge. But heaven will be filled with the righteous. So St Paul says "know ye not that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God" people have the capability to fully reject God even in this life perhaps like the devil and so there is no longer a place in heaven found for them any longer.
    Once we are raised to be judged either straight after death or when one is fully given his chance in God's kingdom hence why we pray for the dead now who have not gone to the final judgement God will throw the nations in hell with the devils who are like him.
    But what do we say about those who are rich by hardwork what comfort does this psalm give me if I am jealous of them? I would not want to share heaven with people who kept on loving others but not showing the same love to me even if it is hypocrisy. So Paul says only the righteous will enter heaven. Only those found written in the lambs book of life can enter the holy city. But those who are evil and not just do evil especially are thrown into the lake of fire
    Jesus died that those who receive Him and are repentant may be saved. And He asks us to find the narrow gate and walk the narrow way. As many of the saints struggled to be worthy to meet the LORD with rich oil. They received strangers.
    I envy the successful in the world and blame my tradition for not making me successful like them. And no woman will find me attractive by my lack of success.
    They hurt me when they get affection and I do not. Taking the path of sin has the danger that one does not exactly get his past eliminated if he has not truly repented in this life. As it shows the character of the person.
    I don't feel okay sharing heaven with them because they are proved untrustworthy and God will put me in a high position they do not feel I deserve. I wanted to gain their love honestly. Secondly I may truly be lower than them in the kingdom but I feel bad right now to know how I may achieve that high position

    as my parents have warned me not to let the forums distract me but I love to learn coptic tradition but they probably want me to be worldly successful like the others which I can not if it is not my talent or not given proper guidance and  if it brings me down as they say it will because they think I obsess over things because I have a disorder while others post and get over it. What does it matter if I am successful but do not know God? what if I am pursuing the wrong talents? which is why I am unhappy. But they don't want me thinking for myself it seems sometimes I mean they may want me content but I want to determine when I will be content. They say I think too much
  • i agree with mnc_hnn
    may God bless u all.
  • "God is Love" (1 John 4:8 ). Don't mention the fear of perishing or the fear of the existence of Hell. Keep mentioning God, by talking about (his) love. If you wanna preach to people in relationships, you must show them that God's love is above their partners' love.
  • Thanks I will try
  • If I want to believe Jesus is the Savior of the world doesn't that mean I have to love every sinner? but there is a real hell prepared for them. If your hand causes you to sin pluck it off and cast it from you it is better to have no hand than having two hands to be thrown into the everlasting fire. My family maybe would like to judge sinners like adulterers and fornicators I am not sure how I would react to my parents being adulterers. I know I would have to forgive but I know I would maybe give alot of hell to them first (not physical abuse) especially if I am not an adulterer myself. It is a deep issue maybe there is an unforgivable sin. So you may understand why I shift opinions. But I do not want anyone to sin even if I believe in Jesus being the savior of the world. I think that means the savior of all the repentant who have been warned if they don't repent they will perish. Why should those warned be saved but I still hope they are saved if they are brought to repentance but as Daniel says they will have an everlasting shame attached to them. God knows if it will ever leave them.

    I may be criticised as someone who does not care if people sin. I care very much. It is our sins which led to Jesus paying the ultimate price to show how much He hates it. Not that any should suicide. It is being judgemental and a worser sinner
    as if one lived longer he may stumble in sin.

    It is necessary to repent for those who repent God remembers their lawless deeds no more. I think that means God won't let anyone judge you even if that means humbling the one who is judgemental. But those who do not repent are filled with an everlasting shame and contempt which may or may not be taken away
  • You need to focus on yourself. You might know your brother's sin, but you don't know his repentance. There is no sin that Jesus' blood can't wash! God won't ask us why we did sin, but why we didn't repent after we have sinned. There is no man who is sinless and there won't be any. Our nature is like that. If you wanna preach about God then preach about his sacrifice, his love, him as our father. Do not ever mention hell. Hell wasn't made for humanity. No man will stay with God by heart, while he is afraid of hell. God wants you to love Him. That everlasting shame was the reason many people turned into saints. We should first focus on ourselves then on the others. We should first look for the plank in our eyes then about the speck of our brother's eye. Because in the end, we will be measured with the measure we use.
  • thanks for replying
  • you are right that I need to focus only on my own sins I don't want to be the cause of people having too much sorrow over sin or people being suicidal. We need to be loving to all we meet and for them to feel our love and care for them that they may not be lost

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