Have you guys given up on this forum? I feel like joining some discussions at

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Have you guys given up on this forum? I feel like joining some discussions at a non orthodox christian forum because some things are interesting as I am not welcome here. Am I free to do so if I want to be orthodox or can I ask or speak here if it is something edifying? didn't we make the thread random issues for that?
I may just please you guys but I don't feel comfortable not being able to have an influence on non orthodox christians
I know it does not deserve a post but I want to talk about the verse "Behold I stand at the door and Knock" and show how it applies to Christians rather than unbelievers more if not only. That is one of the posts I saw there
Do we not have the duty as christians to help anyone we see who is in need even if he is in another non orthodox christian forum?


  • Hey MikeforJesus,

    Whats wrong??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all accept you, you are our brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Apologise but why do you feel this way??????????
  • Thanks Mary E

    I feel I can't post too much if noone else is posting. And the moderators may become angry
  • But why there's nothing wrong with ur posts they may be long but they r beneficial ! Take care don't worry u can spread the Word to ur family and friends :):):)
  • Thanks but unfortunately many do not think I belong here I desire to stay here even though I want to see why they think they can get away from being the light of the world? Are people judged even when the gospel is not preached to them personally?
    and my sister has catholic father and mother in laws. How probable do you think they will become orthodox? if they die before they are converted what hope is there for my salvation and my family? even if we repent? perhaps most of the church does not believe non orthodox can be saved.
    Why is it not preached everywhere? orthodoxy? personally? if men fail why does not God send angels to preach orthodoxy? but He made it our duty it seems
    the church does not give me peace as it does not spend enough time with me and I need to be guided by the Holy Spirit on every action sometimes they have major effects on my life.I am in the process of finding a new priest which does not get sick often but even he may not be an angel sent from heaven to guide me. I need to be able to contact him by phone all the day. I wonder if my FOC is sick because of tradition which might make people sick. My FOC accepts listening to protestant stuff to accept the good and reject the bad as he believes we all have the Holy Spirit inside us
    Am I supposed to be a ned flanders finding sin on all occasions. The world makes fun of that and maybe the priests are ashamed but they should accept that duty
    they should be able to tell if my concern is serious or if I am being a trouble maker testing them. I really need help
    I probably will not contact him all the day (only when I really need help) and maybe he can guide me to other priests when I am busy

    How can I accept a church which does not do outreach
    My dad perhaps put that in my mind that they do not. But it appears it is true
    Also a church which goes against scripture can not satisfy me. If it tries to make people poor and be unrealistic or put heavy burdens it is acting like the hireling pharisees. Jesus Himself not every priest who says to Me LORD LORD shall enter the kingdom. Many will say to Me on that day LORD LORD have we not prophesied in your name cast out demons in your name and done many wonders and Jesus said to them I never knew you. Hopefully this does not apply to our priests that none are in pretense following God

    I should trust the church is doing all it can. But when it leads to me being poor and not a good witness to my family I am afraid it is not for me but I still desire to stay only with orthodox if I am accepted and if I learn I can follow its guidance
    and believe its guidance is in line with Jesus guidances who calls Himself the only teacher who is infallible and deserves praise as the author of our salvation and faith the others being unprofitable servants doing only what was their duty to do and forced by Him. But what will we do if all the priests desire to be against God's will and still try to guide us. Does a priest deserve praise then?
    when a priest acts like he is infallible and does not care about hurting others and is lazy Jesus says he is a hireling he is not the chief shepherd who guides

  • Hey!!! I just think you need to know that on judgement day we will be judged accordingly eg othwr religions will be judged accordingly

    Romans 10 particularly 11-15!!!!!- neither Greek nor jew.....

    Ps it isn't for us to judge what will happen to us we need to focus on ourselves and grow closer to God

    Ps since i am young I am not as experienced but  ill try to help as best as I can just remember God is ALWAYS WITH YOU AND YOU MUST HAVE FAITH IN HIM!!!
    God bless you
  • Thanks unfortunately you are too young to demand much from you but I would like to talk about this to the orthodox here which believe one must be orthodox/oriental orthodox to be saved

    Romans 10:18 But I say, have they not heard? Yes indeed:

    “Their sound has gone out to all the earth,
    And their words to the ends of the world.”[k]

    Yes some people do know of orthodoxy but has it come to them with power as it did to the Jews? most people however do not know what coptic orthodox is only do they learn of it when they sense you love them otherwise they don't want to know your faith. Maybe that is an error from them. But the apostles made sure all knew who they were and they came with the power of the kingdom. Do you do that today? do you present your way as the only way? Have you been given a special mission from God did He choose you still giving you the ability to perform miracles? explain to me why we can not do miracles today if people need to become orthodox? did not Jesus say if I had not come and done among them the works which noone else did they would have no sin? Now if you agree with me that other christians may be saved who would have become orthodox if they knew it was the truth why do you make our lives difficult by often times saying only orthodox can be saved? why is it a sin to want others to accept Jesus even if they don't come to our church? why is it a sin to try to make that happen and help people repent as they are? since we can not give them our orthodox faith as we don't have the power to do miracles or to reveal it as truth ? by being orthodox do we be uncompassionate to our fellow man? and not show them we love them even if they do not join our church?
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