I'm back :)

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Hey all!

After going through hell over the last year, I am back, it's good to be back lol 8)



  • good to see you,, what kind of hell habibi??
  • Welcome Back may you bless us with your presence and posts here I will probably read them but not respond as I am busy with studies and lucky noone knows I come here or they will be unrighteously angry and I won't know what to say to them because they may think I am not trying to study but I am
    Even if I never reply to anyone here or on facebook people should not get offended as I am busy
  • All kinds of hell guy...lol, mostly a ridiculous amount of work and schooling!

    Thanks mikeforjesus.

    I've missed you all!!
  • ive missed you too
  • no... go back!
  • [quote author=✞SuperMAN✞(BAM)✞ link=topic=14608.msg165917#msg165917 date=1379021997]
    no... go back!

    Thank you for the warm welcome SuperMAN! ;D
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