Coptic Church in UK.

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Hello guys,

I have some friends in Banbury of U.K. and they are looking for a Coptic Church near them. Could anyone, that knows, tell me which is the closest Coptic church to them?

Thanks in advance.


  • Birmingham church I think is closer than Manchester. If you need the full address please let me know..
  • there are 2 great churches just south of brimingham.
    get in touch with our lovely brother ophadece for details.
  • Thanks a lot ophadece and mabsoota! I'd, really appreciate if you could tell me the exact address.

    Thanks a lot and may God bless you!
  • Thanks mabsoota. Hehe.. you're more than capable of giving the addresses yourself, better than me.. hehe
    There you go Pano5,
    First church: St. Mary and Archangel Michael's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral
    Caldwell Grove, Solihull
    second one:
    St. Mary and St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Centre
    Hill Park House, Lapworth St, Lapworth, Birmingham, Warwickshire
  • i couldn't find the address!
    i could drive you there, but not give directions.
    i have fond memories of meeting you
  • Thanks dear mabsoota, exactly the same here and even more. I hope we meet again soon, will let you know whenever I go to the Midlands assuming you still work there, and you tell me also if at any time you plan on coming to the north east..
  • i have moved again since then...
    think i will change my name to bedawiyya mabsoota!
  • Haha.. mabsoota your knowledge of Arabic is amazing, have you studied it or something? May I ask where do you live now then?
  • thanks, but no, i just have a good dictionary.
    i didn't even realise that the arabic for 'nomad' would obviously come from the word for bedouin!
    i am sending you p.m.
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