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We are experiencing technical difficulties with our download server. The problem is expected to be resolved shortly. We will keep you posted.


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    Dear Brethren
    Since i registered with this great website about 2 weeks ago i was able to download one session only, after which the downloading was out of action for about 5 days last week, I tried after to download but my download facility is not available any more. I sent 2 desperate e- mails but I received no response from any one. Can any one help me to get to the right person to sort out this problem as my 2 sons very desperate to down load few hymns for Kiahk and the feast of nativity.
  • We would like to apologize for the inconvenience , we were experiencing technical ‎difficulties that are now resolved. Downloads are enabled again.‎
  • Dear Akramy
    Thanks for your respose on 28thDecember04, in which you advised me that download are enabled again. Unfortunately today here in Australia is 29/12 , 4.30 PM and it is not enabled yet
    could you please have another assessment of the situation and advise me. Thank you in advance.
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