I need some serious advice please:(

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hello all,

For the past 5 years I've wanted nose surgery, I'm not doing it for any one else and I'm not doing it to be arrogant
simply, I don't like it and I want to change it. My family are totally for it
But i was wondering if it is a sin, because I know God made us all individually and in the image of God, but I feel like everyone should be able to change something about themselves if they don't like it

I will remain humble and I'm not going to become arrogant
please guys take me seriously
need some serious CHRISTIAN advice please:) GB


  • Have a listen to this from about 2:30-5 min. If you have time try to listen to the other talks also in this series! orthodoxsermons.org/sermons/2008-just-i-am-high-school-girls-conference-q-session

    May God bless you and guide you :)
  • Dear beloved friend,

    I'm sure everybody always has there moments when they really want to change their physical appearance. However, we must always consider what is most important... Which is; our bodies are vessels of the Holy Spirit!!! There is nothing greater than that, and our outward appearance can never change that! So really think if it carefully, and in no time, you'll forget about it.

    Look at all the cons... It's expensive, tiring, and people will probably think you look weirder since they're not used to the new way you look!

    However, God gave YOU free will and in the end if the day, it's your decision, hoping that its also Gods will. Pray about it, and keep me in your prayers.

  • I know I have these moments but, I've been thinking about it for a veryy long time!
    Also, I don't think that I would change what type of Christian I am, honestly looking at it makes me depressed.
    And I understand I may come across fake, but honestly I feel like I've gone through some much with people around me, Christians and non Christians. Even the way people look at me upsets me, because I know what they are thinking. And again I know this may come across as though, I am doing this to benefit myself in a vain way, but its honestly not.

    I've prayed about it for a long time, I just feel as though I'm not getting a response
    sometimes I truly accept it, and others I can't and I go back to wanting surgery.

    Also, I understand that God gave me free will and that's why I feel there is nothing wrong with it, I just don't feel like I'll be sent to hell because I did it. Do you think that it could be God's will? Like i was meant to have surgery?
  • u won't go to hell, of course.
    but don't have any operation (unless it's life saving, like your bowels burst, for example) until you are 100% sure you want it.
    it's more difficult to undo the operation if you don't like the results than to not have it done.

    there are all sorts of stories in the magazines about people who keep getting operations and procedures done to look better but who are never happy. they have a psychological problem, and surgery is not great at fixing psychological problems.
    may God help you in your difficult time.
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