Ti-Shoree Good Friday



  • Can someone give me Wagdi Bishara's email?

    God Bless
  • Cantor Ibrahim chants the two versions because he wants to include both of the versions that are chanted on Good Friday, only one day in the entire year. In my opinion, and this is the same opinion as Cantor Ibrahim's as well, that everyone knows that Good Friday is a long service so whoever is coming is prepared that a lot of long hymns are chanted. So it should not be a problem that he and the chorus chant both versions in the Cathedral or at St. Mary and St. Athanasius' church in Nasr City. If you also notice, he chants the short version (up to the word "Tee shoori" itself and ends the hymn there because it will begin the annual tune) then he begins the longer version and says the complete part including the annual part of the hymn.

    My argument here is that he only says both versions of the hymn because it is said only once a year, the annual part he only says once because that part is chanted all throughout the year and saying it twice on that day would be repetitive.

    P.S. To answer the original question, we chanted both versions in my church for the past two years.
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