I Don't Know What To Do Anymore

-Sorry, but I removed this post because I received some threats relating to it and don't need problems for me or my mom. - ~ Loki


  • i am not able to stay long on the computer today but will pray for you.
    obviously our church does not accept people being violent to their husband or wife.
    it is against our faith completely.
    may God give you peace, both in your spiritual journey and in your life.

  • Hello Lokiel,
                      You have spoken to Abouna at St Thomas, but has your mother? From what you say he has threatened her to such a degree that really she is not safe to be with him. If she doen't go to the church at all, then probably, she might need to move away for her own safety. Can she file for seperation? The relationship is definitly not one that is going to work. My opinion is that I can't see him being any less aggressive or threatening in the future. I don't see him being sorry or repentant for what he is doing as there seems to be a deeper seated problem in his life that he had before he met your mother.

        As for you being agnostic, sometimes it takes a traumatic situation like this that God wants us away from the sins of this world and follow the wisdom of His commandments. Your step-father has commited sin, and sadly, it is a seperation from God in which you might find some connection, but as a christian we attempt to live a righteous life, that is moral, free of sin and all it's connected problems. We rely on God's commandments to sort out the problems we deal with in the world as they are wise and He shows us how deep, true and probably complicated love is.

        I pray God gives you and your mother the peace and protection you two need and both of you feel safe.
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    -Sorry, but I removed this post because I received some threats relating to it and don't need problems for me or my mom. - ~ Loki
  • Maybe your mum can have a long talk with him about his drinking problem as he has confessed he does have a problem with it. She can talk about how it is affecting their relationship and how she knows deep down how he doesn't really want to abuse her and how he loses his self control. He really does need to go to someone who deals with alcohol problems.
      I think he does need your mother help if possible, however at their age it might be hard for him to overcome the problem. He does have an advantage though because we fast and this gives discipline. So if ever your mum does convince him to seek help then abouna might be able to help him as well. Men's pride often stops them from seeking help or admitting to a serious problem, but if your mum lets him know she will support him then maybe he will do it. She has to be strong and talk to him about it in a concerned and firm tone and lead him into deciding to fix the problem. She would like to hear him say ok I will do something, then she can say I'm here for you.
      My prayers are for him to conquer his problem and return to the peace and love of God and that everyone is happy.
  • it sounds like it would be better for them not to live together.
    they don't have to get divorced to not live together; sometimes it is a step on the way to rebuilding the relationship.
    maybe if your mum considers this possibility she will be able to accept it as a temporary solution.

    but she has to be willing to consider it. there is no point in any priest or police officer or relative removing her from her husband if she just goes straight back to him before he drastically changes his life.

    of course, here, i am assuming that the story from her point of view is the correct one. sometimes the advice someone gives changes dramatically once they hear the other side of the story.
    has your mum got any other friends you are in touch with who could work with you in helping her to see what she must do?
    we will continue to pray for you all.
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  • You are right mabsoota. Didn't notice the spam. Maybe it's there as a way of telling us why he/she is depressed or feeling empty.
  • Your story is so sad. I fell sad when I read it.
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