Can the devil read our minds?

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Can the devil read our minds and know our thoughts. I’ve often heard people saying “ssh, don’t say it out loud, the devil might hear” implying that the devil can only hear things we say vocally. I also remember hearing a story of a saint who never spoke for the purpose that the devil would not know his thoughts. I assume that the devil knows us well and knows how we act, so even if we aren’t vocal he can make some educated guesses on what we are thinking; but can he actually read our minds and know our deepest thoughts? Any light on this subject would leave me much obliged. Thank you all.



  • if anybody duz kno ne thing about the topic, plz notify me as well
  • i always looked at it as... the devil has been around a lot longer than we have, so he's pretty much trained to deal with almost everything we can think of... it's not so much as that the devil can read ur mind, as it is that he's been there done that. a thought spoken outloud is more easily remembered, so i'm figuring when ppl say that, they don't actually mean the devil, for it only takes a small seed of temptation or hatred to let the devil take over... and i'm guessing if anyone is shushing you about what you're saying, they only mean it to say that they want you to watch out for yourself so you don't fall into one of his many elaborate traps. he's a slick one.. but we've got Him on our side.
  • Mark, I don't know if the devil can read or hear your thoughts specifically, but I do believe he knows your weaknesses; and futhermore will try to tempt you using your weaknesses against you. As the saying goes, everyone has a cross to bear; and everyone's struggle is different. So as far his knowledge is; he might know where to "trap" people by placing seeds of doubt in some; or justifying wrong acts with others. But I dont think he has the power to know what goes on inside your head. I don't have any proof, this is just my opinion! ;D
  • Hi all,

    The devil doesn't know our thoughts, only God does. However, the devil can tell what we're thinking very easily though other means like body language, expressions, habbits and behaviour so he can figure out our weaknesses pretty easily.

    Its like if you've got a soft drink you may spill some on your clothes. A bee will be attracted to it because it can smell the sugar even though it can't see it from a distance.

    It is for this reason we keep our temptations as thoughts and submit to God so he can guard our hearts so that we don't leave a scent the devil can follow. In a lot of cases it can look like the devil is able to read thoughts but in the story of St. Athony we see quite clearly that the devil doesn't know these things and only our Lord Jesus.

    God bless,

  • "For He knows the secrets of the heart" Psalm 44:21
    "For the Lord searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts" 1 Chronicles 28:9

    Only God and God only is all-knowing, and can read our minds, even though satan is powerful, yet He does not have the power to read our minds. Satan and his demons use deception to give the impression they can read minds and know the future through divination and fortune-telling (see Acts 16:16,17). Satan has also had opportunities since the beginning of creation to observe human behavior. So, he has a thorough working knowledge of human behavior. He has learned what he must do to derive certain behaviors from the person he attacks, so he can use many different methods to attack us, children of God. He tries to deceive us to give the impression he is like God, able to read minds and control the future.
  • I can't thank you all enough. :D
  • then how would you explain the "bad voice or advice" in our heads if you know what i mean. he might not be able to tell the future, but i believe he could read our minds. however, i also believe that we have allow him one way or another, in order for him to be able to.
  • that little voice that says "do it!" in the back of our mind is just a glimpse of the spiritual war that is going on while we are unaware... you know what i mean? that little devil that's always portrayed on the left shoulder is actually the voice of freewill. all it does is pose the options before us, either to follow the path or to divert... sadly though, the one our weakenesses choose to heed to more often than not is the "bad" one.
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    I would advise to look at what the Holy Fathers say besides the Holy Scriptures. Plus ask your Confession Father as well. If i find anything i will post it . God bless you!
  • hi mark

    can the devil read our minds ???

    i think he can because how does he play with our thoughts ??? from our mind if he can talk to us through our minds he must be able to read our minds
  • he can't read your mind... that would give him power beyond any other angel.... which is all he is... an angel with pride that turned him sour
  • thats a good angel can't read your mind. what makes you think that the devil can. the devil sort of speaks to your mind, and puts thoughts in there..just as if somebody is speaking to u directly, except you can't hear him with your ears. but he doesn't know what ur thinking unless you express it with body actions and things like that. just my opinion
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    I found some stuff from the Holy Fathersthat night shed some light on the subject Mark.... ;D....

    First of all St. Macarius the Great (Holy Desert Father from Egypt) tell us that that one of the Tricks of the Devil is to try and makes us despair to give up our hope in God.

    Secondly he says," The devil harasses the soul not as much as he wants but as much as God allows him to. " If we read Job in the Bible we will see God putitng limits on how much the devil was permitted to test him (Job 1:12.2:6).

    St. Cyprian of Carthage agrees with St. Macarius as well as with many other fathers that the devil is cunning and subtle in his ways to tempt us and will do it by any means necessary permitted by God.

    However this does not make God the author of eviluase he did not make the devil but Lucifer the most beautiful and radiant of the angels. It was Lucifer who through self pride became the devil ( he had free will). God at times allows temptation to happen ...even tragedy... for our spiritual growth. Look at Job or many of the saints ! Look at especially at the Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

    The devil tempts us by our senses but he may at times also get into our minds as well if God permits it is our choice what we do...for in love there's always the choice to freely love the Beloved! Amen!
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    I think that both angels and devils can read our thoughts. For example when Gabreil came to St. Mary, why did he tell her "fear not May". How did he know that she would be afraid. Its not like Gabriel's coming to her was anything new to her. She used to always have angels come to her in the temple and give her food. How would he know that that time she would be scared?
  • you don't have to be able to read minds to see fear on someone's face...
  • Yeah but she wasn't really afraid but troubled. she had no reason to be afraid because she was used to seeing angels all the time.
  • i heard from my ss teacher that he only knows what we say out loud
    theres a verse that says hold fast what u know or the evil one will snatch it away
  • hi, Thats a good question can the devil really read our minds. I don't think so. The devil knows that humans are weak and he uses this weakness as an advantage. For example a hypothetical person the devil can see that he or she likes to watch certain types of shows on tv like drama comedy etc. and rather then pray and spend time with God he or she watches Tv when this person goes to pray the devil reminds that person that their fav Tv show is coming on and that they better hurry up and finish or they will miss it. The devil sees your weaknesses and tries to take you away from God. He cant read your thoughts only God knows what goes on inside.

    i hope that was helpful

  • Wait a minute, so lets say I'm giving confession, the devil hears everything I say?
  • Yea but lets say I'm talking about, say, a problem I have with my friend. He may know about the problem, but he won't neccasarily know my feelings, would he hear that if I told it to somebody. Oh God....
  • i think the devil can read our minds but only because GOD allows him to. REMEMBER if the LORDS doesnt think you could pass it he would never allow the devil to tempt you. TRIBULATIONS are gifts from GOD. I know we all hate sin and want to live without it, but we cant.

    SO WHEN WE DIE and GOD asks us wat we did we can all SAY, WE'VE PASSED SO MUCH TRIBULATIONS and TEMPTATIONS.

    example [flash=200,200][/flash]

    say in your class your teacher decides to test everyone in the class on yesterday's homework. yet she told no one. and who ever passes will pass her class. WELL IF YOU DID LAST NIGHT'S HOMEWORK you SHOOD pass.


    HOMEWORK IS THE SPIRITUAL THINGS YOU DO, prayer, reading the bible, good deeds etc etc etc


    do u get it?

    hope i helped ;)
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