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    I have been blessed by God with the  gift of learning hymns and making hazzat papers (which I know a lot of you out there are.) I have feeling that these hazzat papers that I make shouldn't be just for me. So this thread is for anyone who needs hazzat papers or any special hazzat papers made and I will be more than happy to send it to you for free.

    "Freely you have received, Freely give."

    God Bless

    P.S I will not feel offended if no one asks for anything it is just a service I'm opening up for all.

    I know that some people prefer their own hazzat, but just for the people who do not know about; it is a website that has a very big portion of our church melismatic hymns hazzat typed digitally.

    I personally cannot really write my own hazzat, so I use it almost exclusively for memorizing the hymns that are on it.
  • Hi, there is this hymn I have been having trouble making hazzat for, it's called Jenethlion. If you could do that for me it would be great and very push appreciated. If you decide that you have the time to do it, when you finish could you send it to me at [email protected] Thanks again.
  • Thank you that sounds great. Yes there are people out there that needs hazzats and I am one of them. If you have omonogenees. Please send to me thank you  :):):)
  • I think it would be more beneficial if you posted the hazaat in this thread (as attachments).

    God bless your service
  • This website below includes a great number of hazzat maps, please check it out
  • Hey Guys,

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    This website below includes a great number of hazzat maps, please check it out

    The above is a very good website and also is reliable source. I encourage you to look them first as I sometimes (but rarely) use theirs. I have a lot of other hazzats though and Im planning on making more when the seasons come around. Genethlion is one of them! (but mabey before next Christmas.) I have Omonogenees but it is not mine and it is in Arabic, nevertheless it is perfect and you will find it attached.

    God Bless and Please Pray For Me

    P.S I made this post during my holidays, so things might be slow to come out now but still ask as I might have already made some or have some.
  • Hey,

    I'm having trouble attaching items as the scanned files are over the max limit. Please pray for me.

    God Bless

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