Spirituality of the Nativity Hymns

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does anyone know of spiritual contemplations on the hymns of the Nativity Feast? Specifically, the spirituality of  ee-parthenos, pijinmisi, genethlion, apenchoic, or the aspazmos adam/watos.  i found some stuff, but not much. (any sources or websites with such explanations would be really helpful).  Thanks in advance.


  • Do you mind if you pm me the information you found? I am very much interested in this topic as well.
  • Me three please tell me if u find anything
  • well i found stuff on coptichymns.net and im not sure how legitimate it is but this is what i found on genethlion and as i was meditating on it, it makes sense to me terms of the the tune of the hymn and its possible meaning:

    "Fr. Benjamin of St. Antony Monastery in Yermo, CA once had a talk about the Nativity with some visitors, including me. In the talk he mentioned the hymn of Gene;lion and said that the hymn alternates between a joyous and mournful tune. He also mentioned that before the actual birth of Christ, Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to rest and were denied to rest in most places they found. The joyous parts of the hymn represent the times when Mary and Joseph found a place. Conversly, the slightly mournful parts represent the times they were denied of resting in that particular area."


    "one of the contemplations I heard was that Genethlion is mostly mournful because its tune reminds us of the darkness and our prevention from the reconciliation between Heaven and Earth. We were in need of Salvation, and we were all cast into Hades because we at that time had no Messiah to save us. But, if you notice, immediately after this hymn comes an abrupt change in mood and tune...Apenchois, which is considered a very joyous tune by many, this brings the happiness of the Incarnation of the Logos, who would come and enlighten our path, and grant us our salvation."

    (here's the link of the post: http://www.coptichymns.net/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-6712.html)

    Again, this was just some post, so its not really reliable, but i took great spiritual benefit from these meditations
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