Please help me I am a Shopaholic

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I have bought alot of stuff in an effort to improve my life probably it has helped a little but I don't think I am a faithful steward of what God has blessed me with. I want to save it for my children. No offense to my dad who always asks me to seek for a bargain I feel he does not stop me from buying what I want but at the same time if he did criticise the value of my purchases I would be angry

How much money do I really need to support a wife and kids? If I work for $50,000 a year and save that up instead of spending for myself but I will spend for my wife and kids is that enough to support them? my dad says it is enough but I do not believe him.

I want to sacrifice my future  (or my extra blessings -I will finish my degree atleast and work atleast)so my children who I hope are more faithful than me can use it. Or I will give it to people whom I trust no offense but that seems highly unlikely (just too many years and people advising me not to do that and seeing them just use me) I can only give to my children.

For Jesus said why did you not deposit my money with the bankers?

Now I do not know if I will get married .I feel my sins are going to be seen before my eyes and go on my shoulder all of a sudden one day

I am happy to help those in need so there is no more needy people in our congregation. I don't need to help the people in sudan I can help those near me where I live in my city who are just not prosperous.
I think if we did this more people would join our churches for we will be famous among the churches of God however there may be hypocrites but the book of acts still thought it was good

Whoever helps his brother in need God will bless Him now with peace and in the world to come and perhaps his grandchildren will be blessed (provided it was not foolish spending). Some people ask for money so they can take advantage of you and put you in the dirt woe to us because of them

I don't think buying stuff is evil but I feel for me it is evil. I will sacrifice my standards of perfection in hope for the common good of my wide family

I am worried if I take this path I will never have a family or children but something in me wants to preserve my inheritance for those who will make good use of it.

Anyway I feel inside our wealth will somehow change hands one day and be given to the righteous as I am lazy my dad though had not been lazy

I feel forced to conclude I should not get married unless I feel independent and productive. That makes me grieve I feel my cousins and my parents want me to get married otherwise I will look weird and I do not know the consequences of singleness

I am averagely rich. I think that compensates me before people because of my social anxiety..
but it seems I am greedy and want to keep it for myself. I hope this does not apply to me "the wealth of the sinner will be stored up for the righteous" That is because the sinner keeps the poor in bondage and is too lazy and an unprofitable servant. Not because God wants to execute this harsh judgement but because that person is careless God providing a way for him to rise again perhaps

Most likely after all this I will not change. I was supposed to buy a $2 sim today only and I went and bought a dragon ball z videogame. I am 26 for God's sake

probably I am using this post to escape guilt so I can continue being a shopaholic.


  • Can you believe it? Right now I am tempted to buy a psvita as I feel I would have more hobbies and learn how to have fun
    but I will give this one up I expect or else..  :o

    now there is a voice telling me stop condemning yourself don't you remember that they key to wealth is to have desires for things?
    I am always being crushed by satan or these thoughts all because I hate boredom just as Eve felt discontented in the garden of eden
  • My beloved brother MikeforJesus,
    This is a serious issue and not a joking matter. I say this because I have never heard of a man who is a shopaholic. Traditionally the wife is the one who is a shopaholic. I hate to break it to you, but $50,000 a year is not enough to allow you to be a shopaholic especially when you are a family man. It sounds like your a resident medical school, since you are 26 and finishing up your degree. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    In that case you will eventually make a 6 figure income in which you will have more financial freedom
  • I do not make anything yet. I am still studying but I am doing an engineering degree. I may be able to God willing when my dad makes me a business to make more then I will feel like being a shopaholic.
    Infact if I live for myself to work and to spend I will always buy things for myself. Perhaps the single life is best for me if I am not cured of this sickness. But perhaps I am just spending because I am single
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