Video of Ceremony for Pope Tawadros

Does anybody have a link to the video/s of the ceremony for Pope Tawadros? 

Also, what's the proper name for this ceremony--the "coronation?"



  • found it!
    :)  :)  :)
    axios! axios! axios!
    baba tawadros

    thank you God for our kind shepherd,
    thank you to all the saints and baba shenouda 3rd for yr intercessions.
  • yea, they had a bit in english!
    thanks to abba seraphim, 1hr 48mins
  • [quote author=marabe23 link=topic=13891.msg161237#msg161237 date=1353268078]

    7 hours! OMG  :D
  • yup totally worth it though! Subscribe to the channel while you're at it!!
  • soooooooo sorry, i meant to post the link!
    of course it is the one above.
    if u can't watch all of it, watch my favourite bit:

    it's only 5 1/2 mins and it shows the fantastic relationship between baba tawadros 2nd (ours) and patriarch theodore 2nd of the eastern orthodox church.
    he gives a great message
    (please can someone who speaks greek or arabic translate it for us? i couldn't understand most of it, but what i understood is lovely)
    gives a bishops hat (i am not sure of the name) to baba tawadros and then yells AXIOS!

    thank God for His gift of love.
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