!!!Coptic App for iPhone/iPad App - iLoghos!!! Is now ready to download!

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A new coptic era is beginning!

It's almost time. The iLoghos app is now available, with many features.

Largest alhan, taranem, film and books selection of the world

Livestream: CTV, Al Karma TV, CYC Youth Channel, Logos TV, Al Hayat 2
Audio (484 Files): Alhan, Taranem, Sermons, Children Songs, Christmas Songs and Instrumental
First Coptic radio station with Alhan, Taranem, Sermons, ...
Over 15 coptic Books (in english, german & arabic)
Coptic dictionary with more than 500 words
News about the Coptic world (from copticworld.org, voiceofthecopts.org, mychristianblood, freecopts.net, ...)

AirPlay supported: You can listen it in your car over bluetooth. You can also watch the movies on your TV through Apple TV.
Background playing supported (saving batteries): You can browsing the web or any other applications.

+++You can donate in iLoghos (with the money we can improve the App)+++

AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iloghos/id622393986?l=de&ls=1&mt=8
iLoghos App Website: www.copticmoviez.com/app/en


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